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Friday, February 5, 2010

New Valentine's Day Card - or is it an anti-Valentine?

I posted this handmade card - it's called Love Bites  - today at my Etsy shop, and now I'm all stocked up for Valentine's Day. I'm so proud of this image, I've linked it to Brag Monday at *The Graphics Fairy* blog!

Our pretty Victorian lady (image courtesy of *The Graphics Fairy*) has been fishing for love, and she's reeling in a big one! I collaged her onto a card made of painted botanical paper (the coating of acrylic paint gives this paper a nice, leathery texture) and set her in a stage made of hearts, roses, and (real) lace. The roses are clipped from prints of my own photography. Then, I gave her a fishing pole that's a real feather! I know, that's a really big heart to reel in with a feather, but maybe we have a metaphor in there, somewhere :)

The Love Bites title, then, is a word play on the idea of getting a bite when you're fishing. Of course there's also the slang use of "bites" as another way of saying Love is Just a Four Letter Word, for those of us who are a tad jaded on the whole matter! This, then, is why I raised the rhetorical question - is it an anti-Valentine? When I made my Love Bites t-shirt for my Zazzle shop, it sure seemed that way ~

It looks great on a t-shirt, don't you think?

But whether this design is pro- or anti-Valentine's Day doesn't really matter. I had fun making it, enjoying the play of color, paint, ink, and embellishment. And I hope you will enjoy it the finished product, and its many incarnations as prints, mousepads, cards, postage, and (for one lucky person) the original work, too!


tammikins said...

So clever and creative!!

Unknown said...

Very clever Jan!!! It does look great on a T-shirt! Thanks so much for linking another one up for "Brag Monday".

2amscrapper said...

very clever, all the way around!


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