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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Altered-Book Makers: A BookPlate Just for You!

Making altered books is addictive - once you start, you can't stop. I recently "finished" (they're never really done, and I have four more in progress :) two of my altered-book or visual journal projects, and it's quite satisfying when I put a label in front claiming it as my very own. This seems like a cool thing for all of you altered-book enthusiasts out there, so I made some stickers and posted them for purchase at my Zazzle Store. Here's a sample:
Be sure to see all of my Altered Book Stickers. I have several background patterns to choose from, or you can get a plain-background sticker like the one shown just above, and choose your own background color. The cost is only $5.15, plus shipping, for a sheet of 6, 3-inch stickers or a sheet of 20, 1.25-inch stickers. I've purchased stickers and other products from Zazzle , and I have to say - their quality and service are top-notch!
Thanks to Shari Adkisson, friend and fellow student at Juliana Coles's journaling jam workshops, who inspired me with this idea! I hope all of you altered-bookmakers out there will find a use a for this sticker, and that it will add to your enjoyment and satisfaction of your projects. If you have any suggestions or requests for different background colors, or wording, please let me know. I'd be glad to "alter" my altered-book sticker idea to suit you :)


Memories for Life said...

Those are a great idea!

Lauren said...

Pretty cool stickers! I wish I had those when I went to return my college textbooks to the book store!

Lauren at Innovationworkshop.etsy.com


germandolls said...

You are so funny, Lauren! Did you turn your textbooks into art?
Great idea with the stickers!


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