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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Responding to Haiti's Earthquake Tragedy

Like so many who are watching and weeping as the recent earthquake's tragedy unfolds in Haiti, I have been engrossed in the news of rescue and humanitarian efforts from that country. Early on, I made a donation to Doctors Without Borders, and so have followed with particular interest their incredible and timely response. They provided some of the first on-site medical care after the earthquake - and in seriously dire conditions. All three of their existing facilities were either destroyed or seriously damaged in the quake, so they immediately set up emergency clinics outdoors, in the streets! Obviously that will not suffice for long, because the injured will need more extensive care to fully recover. So Doctors Without Borders is bringing in an inflatable hospital! I didn't know such things existed, but here it is - and if you need to see something awesome and uplifting, take a moment to watch this short video, showing a similar hospital serving the victims of an earthquake in Pakistan several years ago:

If you can't see the video, you can read about this hospital, and what Doctors Without Borders is doing in Haiti, at the link. And please, take a moment to make your donation, if you haven't already. Every little bit helps, and you will have done something positive and rewarding. Thank you!

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