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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My first handmade notebooks!

I'm going to town in my progression of bookbinding skills! Here are some shots of my first batch of hand-stitched little notebooks. Shown below is my Greengold Mini Journal, recently posted for sale on my Etsy shop ~
Here's another - Ben's Bumblebee Journal - made to order for a friend who likes the colors black and yellow. Like a bumblebee, of course! The photocollage shows all the different views one little booklet can give you - front, back, inside, and so on. Every part of it has to be considered when making a multi-dimensional craft piece such as this.
The book that started it all is this, My First Handsewn Journal, shown below. I made it a couple of weeks ago to take to a visual-journaling workshop. I just love this little journal, because of the way the pages lie flat when you work on them, and how sturdy it really is, in spite of its lightness and seeming delicacy.
In truth, all the hole-punching and plain stitching can become a little tedious, though it goes faster with practice. But sewing the signatures together and watching them form a real-live book is thrilling! I've always loved paper and notebooks - nothing says potential like a pack of unopened paper or a new notebook - and there is something very special about beginning to make my own. These soft-cover mini books are warming me up to begin making genuine bound journals. Be sure to keep your eye on both this blog, and my EclecticaByJan site, because I have more notebooks to come!


Unknown said...

They are so beautiful! Wonderful work, congratulations:)

Jan4insight said...

Thank you so much, Patricia :) That kind of feedback is so helpful to an artist breaking into a new form!

Nikki said...

These are real nice. I love stationary!


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