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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kittehs Esplain My New Year's Forecast

The old year has passed and gone ~

And now we look ahead to the new ~
We'll have obstacles to overcome ~
So do your best to change what you can ~
And accept what you can't ~
Take time out for yourself ~
And always put your best foot forward ~
Stand with others, even if they're not your kind ~
Lend a helping hand when you can ~
Now say it out loud & proud ~
Happy New Year 2010!


Sarah Knight said...

: ) good luck in the new year!

Leah said...

Gorgeous post! Happy New Year to You!

Unknown said...

that made me giggle -- thx! happy new year!

Piggy said...

Cute kitties! Happy New Year! Best of luck in 2010!

God Bless

MAB said...

Meowzaaaaaaa! Happy new year.

Bonzai Beadwear said...

LOL those are awesome...cute kitties!

Nikki said...

Adorable post and I'm not even a fan of cats, LOL.

Unknown said...

How much do I adore lolcats? Great post!!!

Jan4insight said...

Thx, everyone, for stopping by and posting your New Year's greetings! Best wishes, one and all.

And thx to the LOLcats for making this one of my most-commented-upon posts ever :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bow tie kitteh!!! Ha ha :)

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