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Saturday, January 16, 2010

January's Energy is The Handle

Good news, fellow-travelers: Mercury Retrograde is over (it ended yesterday!) and as that stuck-in-reverse energy peels away, we can align with January's true message for us, which is The Handle ~

It's a refreshing shift, because the The Handle is about taking initiative and starting things, not waiting for others to do it for you.
Not only that, but the Handle exists at the energy level of attitude, and as I always like to say, Attitude is where we have control - because it's the only thing we can control. You can quote me on that! All of this makes us feel a little more like we're in the driver's seat, as opposed to just dealing with the energy swirling around us. The Handle's nearest neighbors on the Star+gate card pattern are:
  • The Gate ~ It's the challenge of how we deal with opportunity, promising new opportunities arising for us (yay!) It also encourages us to step through the gate and check out the new vista that lies ahead. You can always take a step back if you decide it's not for you.
  • The Wind ~ the challenge of adapting to change. The tree that sways with the wind is more likely to survive than one that is stiff and brittle.
  • The Cave ~ our inner resources and insight. Yes, we have them - when times are tough, it helps to rest within your Cave and make it a place of refuge.
  • The Pearl ~ understanding and wisdom at the highest level. We can call upon all our experiences to date, in this lifetime and those gone before, to support us through the coming days.
Major themes within this assortment of energies involve partnerships, agreements, and the power that comes from combining with others. Lessons of give and take are at hand. The old and hard are broken up, allowing a new softness to enter. Independent judgment will be called for, and remember that fear (Forgetting Everything is All Right) longer has to put you out of balance.
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Linda B said...

I'm so glad the retrograde is over. Things have been very stressful. Looking forward to calmer times.

Thank you.
Linda B

Ren said...

I'm happy to know we're pulling out of a stagnant energy period. I've felt like I've been going backward and un-doing things the last three weeks or so. We're also coming up on Chinese New Year, February 14th, which should usher in some new energy.

Welcome said...

I am already for the handle! What perfect timing to have my insight about things ~ I never knew.
YOur blog is really informative, thank you for sharing your knowledge

Piggy said...

What an interesting post :) I am ready for the Handle :)

God Bless


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