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Friday, January 1, 2010

CycleCast For 2010: The Butterfly in The Wind

It's a New Year and a new decade - finally! The general consensus seems to be that the first decade of this 21st century s.u.c.k.e.d (there's no nice way to put it), and the recently-departed year of 2009 was the worst of the lot! Now that it is officially 2010 (and I'm told it's to be pronounced Twenty-Ten), what does the energy-weather forecast have in store for us? In my forecasting for 2009 I described it as a very serious year, and I'm sorry to say that pattern continues - but we now have a chance to wrap it up and come to fulfillment.
Turning points await us, dear readers, if we can stand being buffeted by The Wind ~
We have reached for the Star and cast a discerning Eye upon all that has transpired, but that's behind us, fellow-travelers - so we no longer need to focus on catching the brass Ring! Do you feel like you're at a Cross-roads? Have Patience, or at least take this still-point time to dream of the possibilities that lie ahead.
Now we are free as the Wind, fellow-travelers, so let yourself sway with the changes that are being blown towards you. Remember, it's the supple tree that survives the storm! Cool those raging passions with the Ice of clarity, and don't waste time trying to shield each tender Leaf from the Lightning's power. Better to let the regenerating principle launch a new Butterfly from the outgrown cocoon. Adopt the attitude that lets you let go - a Siphon is a useful tool, after all.
Ahead of us, the Crown and the Key promise guidance and grokking. Aha! moments are yet to come, so uncover that great Lamp and let your own wisdom shine. Have any Powder left over from last year, fellow-traveler? Put it to use and mold something new for yourself - perhaps a simple Rod to use as supportive staff on your journey. The command is yours; you are in charge of your own life now.
Let me emphasize again, this will be a year of completion, turning points, and reaching fulfillment. That is message of the energy levels present, as well as a major theme for the year: karma, digested and integrated, allowing us to dream up the next I Am for the new cycle that's off into the future. Along the way, we may have some tussles over I Have versus I Want, but we will also be supported in rational inquiry and intelligent communication. It will be a year of interaction, allowing us to access the power that comes from combining with others. These energy patterns will be especially prevalent in the first quarter of the year, peaking around the time of the Spring Equinox.
When all is said and done, the best antidote to the heaviness implicit in this forecast is to lighten up, and I so offer this image of the primary helping energy from the reading, the Butterfly ~
Peace, dear readers and fellow-travelers, and Happy New Year one and all!
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paintingpam said...

I have some butterflies that a friend gave me. Maybe it's time to creat a special project with them.

customdesigns4ubynan said...

This is very interesting. I must read more ...

Angelika@ Purple Sage Designz said...

"The butterfly in the wind", love how you have put it in words, need to get more into the subject, thanks for such an interesting post.


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