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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Twelve Notebooks I've Been Making

I'm putting my feet up after one of the happily-busiest weeks I've had in a long time, dear readers. One thing that made it so HAPPY and BUSY was completing my largest custom-order to date: A collection of beautiful (if I do say so myself ;) notebooks a-noting ~
This lovely client had purchased two notebooks from me at a craft fair the previous weekend, and in her foresight, she saw my notebook style as the ideal give-away to guests at her winter solstice gathering, which happened last night. I feel so blessed that she trusted me with this order, and that I had the means and willingness to carry it out!
Her vision for these notebooks was "dark fabric covers reminiscent of a winter's night, with an oval, whitish label to evoke the rising moon." Wow - I saw instantly what was intended, and immediately went to work, bring her vision into reality. I went even a little further than I've gone with my notebooks, and selectively embellished the covers with sparkle. (One of my crafting favorite mantras: Sparkle is good!)
To put even more of my own stamp on it, I lined the inside covers with papers all of my own design!
Yesterday, when she picked up the finished notebooks, my client was thrilled - and so was I. She even asked about future custom orders: embellished blank-paper notebooks to get her nieces and nephews started on the lifelong project of journal-keeping. The bit of brainstorming we had time to do on the spot has got me generating a bunch of new ideas ... so guess what, I'm not done notebooking! I'll be making up new prototypes starting today - I've promised myself some new notebooks as a year-end treat, and I've got the supplies on hand!
I have an existing notebook collection for sale at my Etsy shop - and each of those is a beautiful, ready-to-ship gift for yourself or another. Obviously, I'll be adding more as we go into the New Year. And if you'd like a custom journal, please contact me! I've got all the details for custom orders in my Etsy shop announcement and shop policies. Happy journaling!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful notebooks

Craft Junkie Creations

x said...

Wow, those are very beautiful! Good job! :)

Jan4insight said...

Thank you both!


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