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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Perfect Albuquerque Snowfall

There's something special about snow in New Mexico - not because it's especially rare, but because it's beautiful: Imagine cactus plants iced like sculpture, against a dramatic mountain backdrop under the desert sky. And in Albuquerque it's even better because, as we like say, "It's so pretty, and then it melts!" I woke up this morning to find a perfect layer of snow coating the ground and frosting the trees, so right after I tossed down a cup of tea and bite, I grabbed my camera and went out to get these pics:
^ My angel suncatcher lights up the monotone landscape
^ This big cholla cactus in my front yard looks like modern art!
^ For holiday decorations this year, I hung these oversize ornaments from the big pines that grace my front yard. Here in the snow, they look like a pathway to another realm.
^ This towering pine stands beneath the lightening sky, as the clouds break after the storm. And true to form, the snow is now mostly gone as the day draws to a close. Tomorrow I'll have a little snow left in the shady spots - and these pictures - to remind me of a perfect snowfall.


Felt Sew Good said...

Very pretty! What fun to see snow on a cactus! I live in Indiana and we have not had much snow yet. Happy Holidays!

Jan 4 Insight said...

And Happy Holidays to you, FSG! Just think, if you lived somewhat further to the east (based on the weather reports I've been hearing) you'd have had a LOT of snow by now ;)

Chiara said...

I really like the decorations in your yard!
And I'm so jealous of your snow.

Jan 4 Insight said...

TY, Chiara ~ and lol, is it hot down there in S. Australia? :)

Don't be too jealous - as I promised yesterday, the snow is almost gone now!

31 everything said...

Merry Christmas :)


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