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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Feng Shui Road Again

On Monday I went out to do a Feng Shui consultation - the first in quite a while (it's the economy you know) - and dang, it was fun!
I knew from the start it would be a challenge - my clients, the owners of a medium-sized therapy practice, had warned me of such. The presenting problem was their office conference room, and it had all the ills, indeed: a windowless, tunnel-like entryway; poor lighting and a badly-placed, glaring skylight; a mishmash of furnishings; and unconcealed piping and electrical sockets in the Wealth corner! By the time we'd finished, they a to-do list based on my recommendations, and smiles on their faces. They could visualize the improvements to be made, and now it looked like FUN.
My recommendations were fairly straight-forward, interior-decorating type of stuff: Paint the walls in a warm, soft color; filter the skylight and improve the lighting; keep the good furnishings (the conference table was primo) and ditch the hodgepodge in favor of streamlined, coordinated pieces; and place the truly outstanding artwork where it could actually be seen. It was hardly an extreme makeover, but the clients were excited by these new possibilities, and I felt pretty proud, if I do say so myself :)
The key, however, to this transformation was not so much in my decorating skills - impressive though they might be - no, the key to meeting this challenge was energy-clearing, which I specialize in and have developing through my long practice of dowsing for information and subtle energies. Contrary to the way I've described it here, I did the energy-clearing first, taking about the half of the appointment. This is standard in all of my Feng Shui consultations - I don't just give pointers; I perform a thorough cleansing and produce a clean energy-slate before we even talk about Feng Shui. I feel strongly about this, because Feng Shui builds on the energy that exists in the space, as well as bringing in positive energy. If you're building on a noxious-energy foundation, you're just building the bad stuff. It's rather like putting a bandage on a wound without cleaning it first.
What are these subtle energies I'm working (always with guidance from my dowsing system's connection with Universal Intelligence) to clear? All manner of ghosties and gheesties and things that go bump in the night. Really! There are so many subtle levels beyond what our ordinary senses can perceive - and yet, we do pick them up, even if we don't know what they are. I have cleared geopathic zones and dimensional portals; thought form energy - everybody's bad hair days "stuck" inside the space; karmic ties; and the little gray people often known as ET's. The most sacred thing I've done, however, is clearing of discarnate entities - ghosts, human or animal souls who have crossed over but haven't found their right place in the Cosmos. They are, for one reason or another, attached to the earth plane, and they remain "stuck" until they can be helped to move on. I consider it a great blessing and privilege to be able to do this, even though I sometimes pass it off as ghostbusting (I still haven't received my grey jumpsuit and ghostbusters badge :)
Once the energies are cleared, the real-world Feng Shui choices - what colors, where to place the couch, windchime or mirror? - come easy. But without it, people struggle like my clients who spent several years trying to get that conference room right, only to end up frustrated and desperate - fortunately desperate enough to call me! I'm doubly happy that the did, because when I help a helping practice to improve their space, I also help them help their clients.
I'm happy that I've been given the opportunity to return to my Feng Shui roots - and it's definitely a sign that the economy's improving. While I do most of my consultations on-site, for those of you who live outside the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area, don't feel left out. I can do this work at a distance - yes, really. I just need to get a floor plan from you. For more information about my Feng Shui consultations worldwide, visit my intuitive services website. At least let me do an energy clearing, and bust those ghosts for you - because after all, who ya gonna call?


Nuvofelt said...

LOL, not wordless, but interesting all the same. Thanks for pointing me here.

Claire said...

Glad you're getting signs the economy is improving. Love Feng Shui. Love your posting. Happy New Year.
Come visit Heartspace on Etsy sometime. : )


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