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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts on Gratitude

Thanksgiving is over, the turkey is down to pickings, and we've even survived Black Friday! And I, for one, am thankful this particular holiday weekend is nearly over. It's been a lull I didn't necessarily want in my activities - just so you know, I'm pretty much without family connections, so that means another holiday spent alone. Since this is a long-standing pattern in my life, I'm pretty much okay with it now, and I stayed out of the pity-party this year. In fact, I put my time to good use and started a new collage project :)
What does this have to do with gratitude? (Besides being grateful that it's over.) For one thing, I've been inspired to start another Gratitude Journal project to get my spirits in shape and uplifted for the final weeks of this year and into the next. Let me show you how it's done ~
First, get yourself a nice notebook, like perhaps this Fantasy Flower Journal from my online handcrafts shop. Keep the notebook and a pen by your bed, or someplace where you can reflect quietly each evening. Each night before retiring, write down what you are grateful for that day. It could be something simple, like seeing a beautiful sunset. Or it could be reaching a major goal or overcoming a challenge. And it's always good to include daily blessings, like food, shelter, and the well-being of your loved ones.
You can write as many gratitudes each night as you want, but try for at least three. Do this for 90 days. That's the key - consistency and duration of practice. And it is a practice - you might feel like you're reaching to come up with things that make you feel grateful. Fine; just keep doing it! At some point your attitude will shift, and you'll find yourself easily letting the gratitudes flow from your pen.
I did this practice some years ago, and I remember that the shift came for me about 45 days into the exercise. I just kept going, and the very positive change in attitude I experienced has mostly stayed with me ever since. Now, I'm feeling that it's time to pick up the practice again - and I will, as soon as I decide which embellished notebook to use from my stash :) In the meantime, I'm going to jot down some things I'm grateful for, right now:
  • I'm grateful for this time of year. Really. Despite the recurring single-person-spending-holidays-alone angst, I really love this season. Yesterday I spent some time raking leaves ahead of the incoming cold front, and I felt so refreshed to be out in the crisp air, enjoying the stark beauty of the bare-branched trees and the colorful crunch of leaves at my feet. I've long said I'm a fall-winter person, and this proves it!

  • I'm grateful that I have a nice home, relatively good health, and food on the table. I'm eternally grateful for the loving presence of my dear cat LuvLee in my life.

  • I'm grateful for all my loyal blog readers, Facebook friends, and clients and customers of my business. You folks have kept me going all this time, and your continued support means more to me than you'll ever know!

The practice of gratitude rests on the truism that gratitude changes attitude. Or, as the mystic Meister Eckhart once said, "If thank you were the only prayer, it would be enough." Try it, and you'll see. I'm going to!


Jewelry by Tara said...

I love this idea! I think you've inspired me to write my own positive post. So much negativity around us in such a wonderful time of year.

Thanks for this!

paintingpam said...

I love the last quote in your blog--If thank you...It is so true. I also love your positive/grateful journal. I've had to do that to keep myself up and it does work. Thankfulness is necessary to keep your focus.

Jan4insight said...

TY, Tara and pam, for your thoughtful replies. I happy that I could provide some inspiration :)

HightonRidley said...

Hi Jan, Great looking blog design - and keep those positive vibes flowing :)

Here's a thought: I see in your side panel that you're using the Zazzle blog panel. It's a bit limiting as I'm sure you already know, much more so than the Zazzle flash panel. You can't change the sort order or select which of your products to display - or even how many.

I've got a solution... Have a quick look at my blog www.highton-ridley.co.uk/blog and see the Zazzlit Google Gadget on my blog panel.

It's driven by the Zazzle RSS system so you can choose how many to display, what search terms to use, the sort order, whether to use just your store, other folks' stores or the marketplace. You get the commission from

any sales via product clicks (you enter your affiliate id during setup).

I've got a full blown tutorial on how to use it but in summary you can use the blogger template layout to add it. Just search for Zazzlit when you go to add a gadget.

Tutorial starts here

Let me know what you think!

Jan4insight said...

Highton-Ridley, thanks for taking the time to post this thoughtful comment! Your blog is great, btw :)

I'll be reviewing my widgets probably after the holidays - not sure if then one you suggested is right for me at this point, but it's nice to know all of the options that are out there!


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