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Sunday, November 1, 2009

November's Energy is "The Gate"

If you've been longing for some new opportunities to move forward on your path, dear reader, then this is the month for you! November's energy brings us to The Gate ~
The Gate represents the challenge of how we deal with opportunity. It asks us to go through the gate (at least a little bit) and check it out. It's not the time to reject things out of hand. You can always turn around and go back to where you were, but you'll never know what's on the other side of the Gate if you don't walk through it!
On the Star+Gate Pattern, the Gate's nearest neighbors are:
~ The Token: the attitude of appreciation and give-and-take; making our intentions known while expressing appreciation for others.

~ The Handle: the attitude of starting things and taking initiative, balanced by accepting responsibility for what we bring forth with our initiative!

~ The Cave: a place deep within that contains all of inner resources and insight.

~ The Bell: being able to attract and attune ourselves to what we need; also a wake-up call.

~ The Maiden: the part of ourselves that seeks the best for everyone - gentle, pure, and uncompromised.

~ The Letter: the gift of being able to ideas into form; to go within and retrieve symbolic messages from our subconscious dreaming.
Major themes for this pattern of energies center around relationships: involvement with others, partnerships, agreements, and all the ways we combine our energies. Aligning with these energies brings harmony and enhances our independent judgment. It's a way of rising above the fray, so that we don't let our fears put us out of balance.
These energies will peak around November 12-13, giving us more than half the month to develop them into a firm platform for the next step on our journey. Enjoy!
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Unknown said...

I like this! This makes me excited about the possibilities for this month!! Very intriguing.

Jan4insight said...

TY, Karen ~ yes, this is a month of exciting possibilities :)

paintingpam said...

Wow, such a thought provoking writing. I do need to constantly be pushed by something, someone or a spirit to achieve. Maybe November is the month.


Jan4insight said...

Thx for commenting, Pam. May all the gates you walk through lead you to joy!

elsie said...

I am soooooo ready for "the gate" thanks for raising my awareness about it!!


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