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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Notable Quote: Bloggers thronging before the gates

Hostile observers have always painted bloggers as barbarians thronging before the gates of a besieged culture. This picture has been embraced by some bloggers themselves, who have fancied the rough garb of the invader and relished the license to pillage. But it has always been a fantasy. Bloggers are writers who sit down to type character after character, word upon word, day by day, steadily constructing, out of their fragments, little edifices of memory and public record. In this activity they resemble not the hordes outside the gates of a city, but rather the studious scribes within. Individually they are stewards of their own experience; together they are curators of our collective history. Their work may be less polished and professional than that of many of their predecessors. But they are more passionate, more numerous, and more inclusive - and therefore more likely to succeed in saving what matters.

~ Scott Rosenberg, Say Everything

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