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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My New Holiday Items at Zazzle ~ and a discount offer for you!

The winter holidays are coming! For a crafter, that means it's a busy time. I've been going to craft fairs and photographing new products for my Etsy shop. But I've still found time to add new holiday items to my Zazzle store! Take a look at these cool pins, featuring a sweet pair of lovebirds sending out their season's greetings ~
I just bought myself one of these pins to wear at my next craft fair, and a few more to sell. And for doing so, Zazzle gave me a gift that I can pass on to you: It's a promotion code to get $5 off a $20 purchase! First, go to my Zazzle store and look around. If you use that link, you can buy anything from the site, whether it's my product or not, and I'll get a bonus for referring you :) Then, when you have the items you want to purchase in your cart, enter this promotion code:
Click "redeem" and your discount will be applied - but hurry, the code expires on November 24!
You get a discount, I get a bonus, and a lucky Zazzle seller gets a sale - it's win-win all the way around. How cool is that!
Another bit of coolness: While the background is my design, I must credit the bird image on the pin to Karen at The Graphics Fairy, who makes her great collection of vintage images available to crafters, for personal use or resale. If you haven't checked out her wonderful blog, please do so. Thanks, Karen, for your generous sharing of your image file! And, I've added this post to Karen's weekly Brag Monday feature!


missbmckay said...

Thank you for the post. Great promo. I love zazzle.

Jan 4 Insight said...

TY, missbmckay :) I really like Zazzle, too, and I've enjoyed being a seller there!

Fernanda Frick said...

Thanks for the promo! I've never used Zazzle before but looks cool, Nice badge too :)

Jan 4 Insight said...

TY, Fernanda :) This is my third order from Zazzle, and I can vouch that their product quality & service is great! Plus, a friend that I designed some business cards & postcards for, is very happy with them, too :)

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Hi Jan,
What a lovely pin!!! Just the perfect piece to wear to your craft fairs, I bet you'll sell lots of them! Thanks so much for playing along today for "Brag Monday".

Jan 4 Insight said...

Karen ~ thank you, I am so glad you like it :) And, today I received the pins I ordered - they are even prettier "in person." I can't wait to wear mine!


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