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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December's Energy is The Lightning

We've turned the calendar page into the last month of this old year, dear readers. Be prepared for lots of excitement as we head into the holiday season, because December's energy is The Lightning ~
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We've been given an interesting energy to ride out the year. In the Star+Gate card system, The Lightning is defined as critical energy that shakes things up. This is good if you've been feeling like you're in a stuck place - a little shaking-up is just what you need!
Yet Lightning can also be fearsome.
It certainly represents raw, elemental power; yet it is also regenerative and nourishing. Here in the Southwest, I find a lot of my clients have a positive reaction when this energy comes up for them. Living in a desert, we generally consider rain to be a good thing, and the Lightning portends rain!
The Lightning's nearest neighbors on the Star+Gate pattern are:
  1. The Lover ~ a way of being in the world that is intimate, giving, passionate - and possessive.
  2. The Tree ~ like a sturdy oak, this is the mature side of ourselves, when we are stable, sheltering, knowledgeable, and not swayed by fads.
  3. The Star of Impulse ~ like the slogan says, Just Do It!
  4. The Star of Reaching ~ a basic energy that impels us towards new growth, channeling our energy in a specific direction.
  5. The Rose ~ the challenge of how we achieve perfection; the Rose reminds us to do our footwork and allow the perfection to unfold naturally.
  6. The Eye ~ the gift of vision and perception at all levels, allowing us to see the unseen.
The energy this month contains a sense of freshness, of beginning a new cycle, and all the excitement that entails. We'll be able to apply our talents and abilities to the challenges this brings up for us, which is not a bad thing. Major themes revolve around the tension between "I want" and "I have" with focus on resources, pleasure, comforts, and possessions. (Santa, are you listening?) Instead of devolving into possessiveness, however, it is perhaps better to choose quality rather than quantity in life, to own one's own fire, and create substance.
These energies peak around December 26-27, right as we're winding down from the holiday frenzy. This, of course, follows the Winter Solstice on December 21 (10:47 am Mountain time) and occurs with the start of Mercury Retrograde on December 26 (7:38 am). Since I'm committed to preparing a CycleCast for each of those celestial events, it looks like I've got my work cut out for me!
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