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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Magician: Energy for the Month of October 2009

A magical new month begins today, dear readers. Why do I say that? Because the cards have told me that October's prevailing energy is The Magician ~

The Magician is the one who works with energy; therefore all manner of things dealing with manifestation and transformation will be emphasized this month.
The Magician is adept, and can be a manipulator - but don't get too caught up in the downside of that archetype. To manipulate simply means to work with the hands, or to put things into place. What are you good at doing, and where can you put that talent or skill into place? That is the higher question we'll be called to answer this month.
On the Star+Gate pattern, the Magician's nearest neighbors are: .
~ The Sand, a condition of being light on your feet and ready to move with the first hint of change.
~The Star of Patience, the basic force which energizes our dreams and imaginings, planting the seed of manifestation.
~ The Cup, the challenge of how we accept the hand we've been dealt by the Universe. Hint: If you can embrace what's held in the Cup, you might turn it into bounty.
~ The Candle, an expression of our patiently-waiting and faithful side, knowing that the fruits of our plans will ripen in their own time.
~ The Root, the gift of being able to get to the source and develop connections.
. These energies have a fresh, begin-a-new-cycle, feel to them. Many of us who love the fall season often remark on how fresh the air and sunshine feel at this time. This month, not only the weather (it is absolutely gorgeous here in northern New Mexico) but also the basic energies will suffuse us with freshness - so enjoy!
Major themes for this month will focus on our basic self-expression. You might just feel like climbing the mountain and shouting, "I Am!" This is a time to give birth to new consciousness, or at least be willing to explore new spaces. These themes will build throughout the month, peaking in the very last days of the month (October 30-31). And then comes All Hallows and a new energy for the month of November!
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