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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Notable Quote: Empty Boats

If a man is crossing a river
and an empty boat
collides with his own boat,
he won't be offended or get angry,
however hot-tempered he may be.
But if the boat is manned,
he may flare up, shouting and cursing,
just because there's a rower.
Realize that all boats are empty
as you cross the river of the world,
and nothing can possibly offend you.
~ Stephen Mitchell,


Kittie Howard said...

Love the boat analogy -- it's so true -- and remembering it can make the world a bit softer. Thanks.

Delightful Perception said...

This is an interesting quote... It makes me think about how I shouldn't take my anger out on those I love just because they are right there when I'm going through something that's difficult...

Jan4insight said...

Thanks for the comments - and I'm glad this quote is helpful to you both :) Yes, it is a wise approach to aspire to, and I confess I'm not fully there yet!


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