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Friday, September 11, 2009

How to Use Spray Adhesive in Your Bedroom (or wherever you create ;)

As a mixed-media collage artist, my adhesive weapon of choice is the humble glue stick (permanent, please; not repositionable or washable). But there are times when I need to avail myself of spray adhesive's certain advantages: It's useful for covering large areas, and it is a relatively dry-mount. Unfortunately, spray adhesive has some drawbacks - it sprays glue around, for one thing, and it stinks, too. Since most of us indie crafters work where we live, and we don't live in a warehouse, how do we use spray adhesive without gumming everything up? I've found the answer in my trusty glue box:
Take a cardboard box with the flaps still on it, and line the bottom with a stack of newspaper sheets (single not folded), to give your paper or fabric a clean surface to rest on. I've set the box up in front of an open window for ventilation, and I removed the window's curtain to keep it from catching any stray spray of glue.
Here I am spraying away on the reverse side of a paper I will use to line the cover of one of my embellished notebooks.
Picking up the paper, ready to apply to the notebook. Before I spray the next piece, I'll remove the top sheet of newspaper and toss it. There will be a fresh sheet underneath for the next sheet of lining paper. When I'm finished with the day's batch of spraying, I'll fold in the box flaps and store it for future use. It's important to store the box right away if the household has a Cat in residence ~ cats love to jump in boxes, and we don't want kitty to get all glued up! That would be a real Cat-astrophe.
Here's the inside of my finished Brown Croc Notebook. I love making these embellished notebooks, and as I'm getting ready for several craft fairs this fall, I'm in full-on production mode. But I like the finished products so much, I swear I'll have to keep one for myself :)


Bare Moose said...

Thank you for the great tutorial!! I have been making covered composition notebooks for years and never thought of spray adhesive!! What a great idea :)

Jan4insight said...

You're welcome, BareMoose ~ always glad to help. Isn't it amazing how there's always new things to learn?

Bonzai Beadwear said...

Great idea! I tend to make a mess, I like the tip of using the box! I usually have to go to my garage, but I like the idea of staying inside!

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful tutorial!

I love using the old newspapers and peeling a layer back for each sheet!

Have a great day and I hope you will stop by and comment on my blog!

AuroraRose said...

that is a really good idea... thaks!

Nicomi Nix Turner said...


Anonymous said...

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