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Monday, September 28, 2009

Having Fun at the Craft Fair!

I've been AWOL from this blog for most of the past week, dear readers, because I was getting ready for the first craft fair of the fall season - and I think that's good enough reason, don't you? I mean, I worked hard all week - and now that he fair has happened, and I'm so pleased because the results were totally worth it!
Above, you can see me posed in front of my table, along with some of the colorful wares I had for sale. (My Tabletop Labyrinths sold out :D but I have more available through my Etsy shop.) The fair was a benefit for Christ Unity Church in Albuquerque, along with a benefit for the efforts to bring about a national Department of Peace in the USA. Worthy cause! As you can see, we were outdoors - and we lucked out with the weather! Last week was unseasonably cold and rainy; today is wwwiiiiinnnnddddy, but yesterday we had the perfect combo of sunshine, light breeze, and shady, sheltering trees! It was an unqualified success, imo - nice people, lots of sales, awesome networking. I'm looking for lots of good to follow up from this day!
I also put to use my new Zazzle products! Above, I'm wearing my "Crochet Psychic" apron - it has my avatar on it, and big pockets perfect to hold all those things you need at a show, like pens, tape, scissors, eyeglasses, a snack, and of course, money! I'm showing my business cards that I also made and printed through my Zazzle site. You can do it, too - just go to Jan's Zazzle Store, and you'll find template designs I've pre-made for aprons, business cards, and a whole lot more!
My friend, Janice the Dolphin Lady, also had a great day at the fair! Above, she's holding the postcard I made for her to identify her table. I also made her business card template. Her dolphin pillows, like the one she's holding, were a big hit at the fair, and rightly so!
In fact, Janice is the person who signed me up the fair in the first place! I owe you a big thanks, Janice, for getting me out on the circuit again, and I'm looking forward to the fairs we'll do together in November and December!


MAB said...

Yay, I was at a fair all weekend too. We didn't do so well with weather Saturday, but it was still a great time,

Christie Cottage said...

It looks like you had a good time and I am glad it was a success too!
Church shows are always good for me.

Your apron looks so pretty with your avatar!

Have a great week!


Bonzai Beadwear said...

congrats to u for your sales!!

Hilary said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your sidebar! Looking forward to reading more of your posts now I've discovered this blog :o)

Jan4insight said...

Thanks so much, and welcome, everyone :)


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