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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Earth ~ September's Energy for 2009

I turned the calendar page today, dear readers, and found that we've started the month of September! So I sat down forthwith, and asked my cards to reveal September 2009's spiritual Energy of the Month. It is ~
The Earth ~
As a basic condition surrounding us, The Earth represents our resources, stability, and structure. This is good news for those of us who've felt buffeted by all the twists and challenges we muddled through over the summer. Perhaps as we turn the year's wheel from summer into fall, we'll at last have a chance to collect ourselves, lay in some stores for the winter, and feel more grounded. And, since Mercury turns Retrograde on September 6 through the 29th (more about that later), we'll get another chance to practice in any skills we failed to develop when the winds of challenge were buffeting us.
On the Star+Gate pattern, the nearest neighbors to The Earth are ~
  • The Star of Bowing ~ as in "bow to your partner," this universal energy supports us to see the majesty, the God Within, every one of us - including self. Namaste.
  • The Star of Indecision ~ a universal energy that lets us dance between the polarities of life - yin and yang. And, if you have any major decisions to make - put them off. Now is not the time to be decisive. Enjoy the dance.
  • The Maiden ~ the side of us that seeks the best for everyone; purity and beauty that is uncompromised. Iron hand in velvet glove, anyone?
  • The Bell ~ wake up to the fact that you are attuned to your surroundings - or at least you are, moment by moment, attracting the next right move to make.
  • The Letter ~ the gift of being able to put your ideas into form, and find meaning in symbols. It's a great time to keep a dream journal.
As a major theme this month, we will be looking to the earth herself as a source of harmony and balance. Perhaps, at long last, our species will wake up and begin repairing the damage we have done. We'll also focus on relationships, cooperation, and all the ways we combine energies with others. This drive will peak around the new moon of September 18. Above all, fellow-travelers use the energy of September to keep your feet firmly on the ground - and don't let fear put you out of balance!
Coming celestial events: As mentioned above, Mercury Retrograde begins on September 6 at 10:45 pm, Mountain Time. And then we'll reach the Autumn Equinox on September 22 at 3:19 pm. So that means I'll be posting not one, but two, CycleCasts this month! Why don't you bookmark this blog, and come on back to read about the energies as they unfold themselves for us :)
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