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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A New Leaf: CycleCast for Mercury Retrograde, September 6-29, 2009

Even though the summer is dwindling, dear readers, there's a new, leafy feel to the energies as we head into our next phase: Mercury Retrograde, which begins tonight at 10:45 pm (Mountain Time) and ends on September 29 at 7:14 am. Despite the challenges that sprout when Mercury, the planet of communication, appears to move backwards in the heavens, this CycleCast is all about the beginning of a new cycle, growth and vitality, and keeping hope alive.
Let's see what the cards have to tell us ~
It may be the last green Leaf of summer, fellow-traveler, but its freshness and vitality hold up a mirror for you:
Eat green, dress green, think green, and remember that the new energy emerging within you needs nurturing and protection, too.
Why that Knife in your hand, traveler? Okay, it's a useful tool. It can cut through the bullcr@p and sever that which ties you down. Why not use it, though, to open the Letter you've left sealed too long? Who knows what message your dreams may reveal, when you finally start listening to them?
No need to run from the Thunder, dear traveler; that power which moves through space activates us, as well. When all else fails, sit quietly under the Star of Hope and trust in the answer that comes through your higher and wiser self.
Caring and Creativity are major themes of this CycleCast, but this does not have to be a solitary endeavor. In fact, the lessons that go with these energies involve give and take and learning to handle the power that comes from combining with others. If you can't fight your destiny, surrender to it. Much of the changes we'll see on the larger scale, which will peak around September 21-22, are merely the Universal way of breaking the hardened and outworn to bring in the fresh and new. And when Mercury Retrograde's energy feels like it's stopping you in your tracks, it's time to rest, regroup, and maybe clean out a closet or two.
Our next celestial event is the Autumn Equinox on September 22. Ahh, my favorite season is getting close! I'll have a CycleCast by then to take us up to All Hallows ~ so stay tuned, and keep coming back!

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Giftbearer said...

Hi Jan,

I was reading one of the threads on the Etsy forum and went to your blog. Right away I noticed your comment in the sidebar about healthcare. Right on! I totally agree!

You will love the recent article in my blog on that same topic. I gathered some videos illustrating the need for the Public Option and the regulation of private insurance companies and wrote about my own experience as well.

There will be more coming!


MAB said...

Thanks for this post. Let's hope Mercury comes through with renewal and creativity!

Siddiqa said...

"If you can't fight your destiny, surrender to it"
So true..

RhiannonSTR said...

Yes - I'm trying to surrender. It is not easy. Awesome blog!

esque said...

Indeed, my favorite season draws nearer. Planning on doing some collaborative creative things, which I hope Mercury to encourage.

Marmalade Grenade said...

Do I have to put down the knife. I was thinking of cutting all the disaster in the house with it so I can throw it away instead of cleaning it up?????

Jan4insight said...

Thanks to all have commented, and welcome to my new readers & followers!

And, Marmalade ~ No, you don't have to put down the knife - but please use it with discretion and discernment ;)


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