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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CycleCast for Autumn Equinox, September 22, 2009: Finding Our Place

The Autumn Equinox arrives today, September 22, at 3:19 pm Mountain Time. I've prepared a CycleCast to take from this third quarter-day of the year up to All Hallows on November 1. It's the best part of fall (my favorite season :) and I'm liking the energies the cards have revealed for us. There is much more settled feeling now, than in some of the topsy-turvey cycles we've been through. It's kind of like finding one's place by sitting down in a favorite Chair ~

. Fellow-travelers, that is indeed the central energy we bring to this cycle: The Chair is the gift of organization and evaluation; executive function; and being able to find one's place - both literally, in the real world, and metaphorically - being at home in Spirit.
And the Universe offers us the Sea: unqualified acceptance and infinite understanding. Even if just for a moment, let us be at home in that warm sea of the cosmos, and let go of all the crazy things we humans do to roil it up!
In preparing for this cycle, we lived out the energies of the Vase, and the Leaf. The Vase gave us qualities like an empty vessel - open to the world's input, and ready to receive. Ideally, we maintained intact our outer boundaries while doing so! The Leaf brought us new energy, emerging and unfolding like the tender, fresh growth of springtime.
Now, we're ready to give our all to the journey. We're like the Lover who is giving and passionate to the world, although sometimes possessive (watch out for that!). Indeed, choices made with passion during this cycle will have a edge over those made solely out of cold calculation. Ahead of us, the energy of the treasure Chest beckons. What riches of spirit and knowledge are stored within you, dear traveler? It may not be time to bring them out - yet - but know that they exist, and ask for the wisdom to put them to use at the proper time.
It helps to have a goal for this cycle, and be Reaching for it. A sense of humor is also called for, so waddle like the Duck through the waters of life, and have a good belly Laugh now and then!
. Major themes for this cycle include claiming our own power so that we can perform the right kinds of work and service. Although there's a lot of concern with how we look to the world and refining what we express, the true practice is to assume our natural authority and leadership. It will also be a good time to access healing qualities and refine our perception. This is a time when our discernment is strong, so we won't be (too) easily fooled!
This CycleCast is in effect now through November 1, with a major peak in the energies just before mid-October (specifically, October 11 to 15). I will, of course, be bringing you October's energy of the month in about a week, along with many other interesting posts and good reads, so keep coming back - and have a lovely Autumn!
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