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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekly Zazzle: One Sunset, Two Hearts, and a T-shirt sale!

I wrote a while back about some new work at my Zazzle store, and now I've decided to make it a weekly feature! Because an indie-artisan always needs to promote, right? (I still haven't got this shameless-self-promotion thing down :) So without further ado, here are some highlights of my Zazzlin' activities for the past week:

I've redecorated my home page with the warm colors of an autumn sunset, and featured the products I've made using my fabulous Splendor photograph. Above you'll see the mousepad that I created from this design. Won't that warm up the spot on your desk next to the computer? This design is available in cards, poster, magnets, mugs, bags, and more - even as a necktie!
Next, I took the cover design from my 2010 Love of Hearts Calendar, and made it into a series of cool designs, shown here:
As always, my designs appear on a range of products - for example, a bag, magnet, T-shirt, mug, tie (my coolest yet!) and mousepad. You can click the following link and see the full range of my Two Hearts Together design. Once I've created the original, which by the way is still available for purchase at my Etsy shop, I can apply it to many designs - it's all done on computer. I just love seeing how these designs light up the different products! And the fact that I can do this work in my pajamas is a definite plus :)
Last but not least, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that Zazzle is having a sale on T-shirts, $3 off through tomorrow! I don't have a lot of T-shirt designs in my store - yet - but I do have this beautiful Zen Blossoms shirt ~
You can go this link to see all my T-shirts. Most of them are available in a full range of sizes and colors - men's, women's and kids'. Zazzle allows you to use their easy, interactive system to preview your selections before you order them, so you can have great fun choosing the perfect T-shirt!
. That's all for now. What colors and designs will I be working with this coming week??? Hmmm, let me ponder that for now - but please come back find out at my next Weekly Zazzle!


paintingpam said...

wow, you've been working hard, Jan. Congrats.

Kim Caro said...

i think there is a theme here, hearts!

Christie C. said...

Neat. Love your photograph! I'm a sucker for sunsets. And thanks for the Zazzle reminder...I had looked it up a while ago and forgot all about it. (oops) :)


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