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Saturday, August 15, 2009

OutTakes from my photo files

Dear readers, it's been a rather dull week in a rather dull phase of my life, and so my brain was rather dull last night when it was time for me to come up with another blog post. So I decided to go with the feeling of blahhhh that I've been slogging through, and show you some of the outtakes that have been lurking in the vast recesses of my photo files:
We start with this FAILed attempt to show me in action, working with a client at a psychic fair ~

It looks like the whole space-time continuum moved just as camera clicked, doesn't it? I guess I won't put this shot on my business card, lol. But if I have to come away with a FAILed shot, I'd rather have had a cute little squirrel jump into the frame!
Next, we have a view of what is probably the ugliest piece of collage I've ever created ~
This was one of a batch of heart-themed ACEOs I made for Valentine's Day. Most of them turned out beautifully (and are still available for purchase at my Etsy shop), but there's always a few ringers in every batch. The the elements of this card looked nice by themselves, but together the effect is phhhhbbbbbtttttt.
Finally, we have an example of my FAIL last winter, when I was trying to capture the cozy image of my cat LuvLee warming herself by the fire (a rather reliable place to find LuvLee in the winter time) ~
Turns out, I needed a flash to get the picture in the dim light - some focus and better framing would help, too - but the flash drowns out the glow of the fire, and besides my digital camera's flash hasn't worked since I dropped it two weeks after I bought it! Well, LuvLee doesn't care - and I'm sure she'll be back to enjoying the warm stove when winter comes around again!


Almost Precious said...

The one photo might have been influenced by some psychic presence that affected the camera...spirits can do that.
I would have a file cabinet full of really bad photos if I didn't delete them from my memory card before downloading. LOL

nomadcraftsetc said...

LOL, I hate it when that happens! :0) Great blog post!

BlenderBach said...

haha - I have LOTS of failed photos myself. Thank goodness for photo editing software :D Love the shot of your kitty

Jan4insight said...

Thanks for writing, all! I think we all have our outtakes, in life if not in photography ;), and perhaps it's good idea to share them once in a while, so we don't take ourselves so darn seriously!

@AlmostPrecious ~ yes, I agree with you about the spirits - and there's a lot of them floating around at a psychic fair :)


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