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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Notable Quote: the fundamental misunderstanding of humanity

The Fundamental Misunderstanding of Humanity is "believing that we can achieve all of our desires, without limitations," according to Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen.
Only when Ando accepted his failure - his limitations - did he become aware of another kind of desire, one rooted not in shame but, as he puts it, "the innate human urge to connect with the world." His wife's friends began asking about her husband's activities in the backyard [where he had set up a kitchen shack that he used for experiments to perfect his product], and when she told them, they said, "Oh," because they felt sorry for her that she was married to a man who had devoted his life to ramen, the lowest of all foods. Of course, once he committed to his one desire, the opinions of others no longer held sway over Ando. "I realized that all of my failures were like muscles and blood added to my bones," he writes. "I had choice but to keep on moving in the direction of the light ahead."
~ Andy Raskin, The Ramen King and I

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