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Monday, July 6, 2009

Cool as Ice: Three Eclipses CycleCast for now through August 5

Here's a special CycleCast to help us move through the challenge ahead of three successive eclipses. Eclipses occur several times a year, and typically in pairs - but this season, dear readers, we're being treated to three in a row! We have a lunar eclipse occurring on July 7 at 3:21 am, Mountain Time, then a solar eclipse on July 21, and finally another lunar eclipse on August 5. So fasten your seatbelts!

Eclipses have the energetic effect of shaking things up, or breaking loose stuck energy. That's a good thing, but sometimes the turbulence can be a bit much. To get through this chain of eclipses, fellow-travelers, we need to cool down the passions that swirl around us. It's time to adopt the attitude of The Ice ~

Keep moving forward, traveler, for there's a light shining at the end of the Tunnel. Yes, it's a Candle gleaming steadily, promising bountiful results to come: Our efforts will indeed bear fruit! Cool your active mind with the crystal-clear Ice; cut through the yuck and just do it! It's a good time to stir things up, now with the regenerative Lightning flashing through the sky. In the end, all things find their own level, like fluid draining through a Siphon: the exchange and release brings us into new ways of interacting with others. "I believe" dreams up the next "I am" - we complete the Cycle, and begin again.

While the major theme of this Cycle - the digestion and integration of Karma - concludes around August 6-7, there's another energy peak bringing a flurry of activity in mid-July. From about July 15 through the 18th, we will be focusing on resources, information, and communication. Comparing self to surroundings will be a preoccupying thought at this time; please remember to inquire, not judge. This is a good time for socializing, and for making choices that improve our quality of life.

If we do our inner work well, and stay focused on our path, we'll end this Cycle with a sense of fulfillment and transcendance. That's not a bad thing! When the process gets a little rough in the interim, remember this bit of wisdom: Transformation is messy! Yes, I want to change - do I have to mess up my hair/makeup/clothes to do it?

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