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Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday, LuvLee!

I can't believe it - my faithful feline companion, LuvLee is ten years old today! In her honor, I put together this little photo album, including the first two never-before-posted photos. with captions, of course!
Ferget teh presents! Gimme turkee instead!
Let's go, Mom! (LuvLee is a travelin' kitty!)
Home at last: a special message relayed to me by LuvLee ~
Dear readers, since LuvLee is thoughtful kitty who was adopted from a rescue shelter, she has asked me to remind you of all the other kitties out these who haven't found their special homes yet. In lieu of presents on her birthday, LuvLee would you to take a moment to help these unfortunate felines. If you can't provide a home for a shelter cat (as I can't - part of LuvLee's contract is that she is always to be the ONLY cat!), perhaps you could make a donation. Or volunteer some time. Or be a gift-giver - after all, shelter cats need foods and toys, too!
LuvLee thanks you for your consideration. She appreciates your good wishes - and I'll be sure to pass your comments on to her. Many purrs!


Unknown said...

Cute Kitti

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday LuvLee! You've got a cute kitty! I rescued my cat Oscar from a shelter. He's an older cat but a good one. I just love him too! Thanks for sharing!

Jenn said...

What a pretty cat!

And I agree with helping out the shelters! Most will take cash donations or even cans of food or a bag of cat litter helps out.

The Holy Bead said...

Happy Birthday LuvLee!!

I have four cats and a dog. I like animals better than people! :D

Juliette Backey said...

Awww she looks like a cuddly kitty. I have three cats, and only one likes to cuddle with me.

Christie Cottage said...

Pretty kitty!

I have a new stray kitty wh has made herself a home by one of the out buildings on my place.

Powdery gray and a bobbed tail. The first time I spotted her, I thought it was a bobcat as they are many out here. Then I saw her in the daylight.

I am not feeding her, as there are plenty of little snacks over there by the woods :-) But I like her haning out.

Happy Birthday LuvLee!

Jan4insight said...

LuvLee sends purrs to everyone - all your good wishes have made this her best birthday ever!

Eye Shutter to Think said...

Awww - too cute! My oldest kitty is 10 also. I'm hoping he lives to 20 (my last one did, believe it or not)

Love the pictures :)

MAB said...

Happy birthday, Kitty! My Franklin is eleven, and my Gus is ten too!

nina kuriloff said...

Many purrs to LuvLee!

Jan4insight said...

LuvLee is so glad to know more good wishes are purring - er, pouring - in! Many pets & purrs to Gus, Franklin, and DJ's kitty :)

missknits said...

awwww happy birthday luvlee!!!


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