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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Take Me to the River: a walk to the Rio Grande - with a mission

Yesterday was glorious - sunny with a nice breeze - as my friend Vivian and I set out on our planned hike to the Rio Grande where it flows through Albuquerque. But we weren't there only to see a close-up of nature at the Rio Grande Nature Center:

It seems that we two pilgrims (that's me on the right in the picture below) had a mission. It was time to do a releasing ritual, and it takes a big river to cleanse all the negative junk we were ready to let go of!

In a nutshell, the ritual goes like this: Think about what blocking energies or limiting patterns you are ready to be done with. Find a rock, and put that energy into the rock. Take the rock to a flowing body of water. Ask the rock to carry the energy away from you, and the water to cleanse and transform it, and bring into your life any positive, nourishing energy you need to move forward on your path. Give thanks and blessings, and then cast the rock far out into the water.
We did this - finishing with cheers and high-fives - that can be part of the ritual, too! The picture below shows the mighty, muddy Rio Grande at our releasing site:

Then we headed back to really admire the views at the trailhead. You can see from the lowest elevation in Albuquerque to the highest. This is the pond at the Rio Grande Nature Center with the Sandia Mountains in the background:

Our mission concluded, we headed for a nice lunch at a nearby restaurant. There, the question was raised: when do we start seeing the benefits of this particular work in energy clearing? As I ponder the different elemental approaches that can be used to clear old patterns - fire, earth, water, and so on - it seems to me that the rock-in-the-river method gives the most subtle, yet profound effects. It may be some months or more before we can really say, "Aha! I'm better!" yet the deeply positive shifts in our beings are happening right now as I write this.

It may starting already. This morning, for the first time in days, I awoke with a clear mind and pain-free feeling in my head and shoulders. Of course, that could be the salubrious effects of fresh air and exercise - I really really need to get out and walk more often!

It's not possible for me to write about the Rio Grande Nature Preserve without pausing to honor Aldo Leapold, a leading light in the conservation movement of the twentieth century. Among his many other achievements, Leopold was instrumental in getting this land along the river set aside as a preserve back in 1920s! You can read more about it at the nature center link given above.

"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."
- Aldo Leopold, Sand County Almanac


Kim Caro said...

oh nice id like to go there

Sarah Knight said...

looks pleasant : )

Amithigirl said...

I loved the cleansing ritual and the place looks so beautiful:)


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