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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Seeing Eye Sees Clearly: CycleCast for Summer Solstice to Lammas (June 20 to August 2, 2009)

Greetings, dear readers ~ Here is my CycleCast for Summer Solstice to Lammas Day, August 2 - also known as MidSummer, and often celebrated with the Blessings of the Animals. We passed the Solstice point last night at 11;46 pm, Mountain Time. That makes me a bit late with this CycleCast, I know, but please forgive me. As I mentioned below, I have given priority to following the world-shaking events of the Iranian uprising, via participation in comment streams from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ and elsewhere. It's what I've had to do - as some of you may know, I have "political bones." And it's pertinent, because as you shall see, this CycleCast has a strong theme of reaching for freedom - for self and others.

But first, we must see clearly. The trend of this CycleCast leads us towards the Eye ~

We think we're all grown up, don't we, fellow-travelers? That is because we carry with us the energy of the Tree - mature, sheltering, and stable. The Universe laughs - we have to let go! Old patterns get released, like fluid draining down a Siphon, allowing new energies to come in. We're supposed to get out of our tree house, and go mix with others!

In the recent past, we've been focused Inward and gazing at the Moon. Enough with our dreams and longings and moodiness. Now it's time to pluck the ripe Cherry and get involved! If your Crown of inner guidance doesn't slip, and you allow the Mask to come off and reveal that which has been hidden, you'll find that the Eye of perception allows clear vision and true sight. We may have to Wander for awhile before getting there, but that's okay. It's our restlessness that motivates us to get up and go seeking.

This CycleCast puts us firmly at the beginning of a new cycle, yet we're still testing out our attitudes, which allows us to feel in control. It's not an illusion, unless we choose the wrong attitudes! As I said above, the major theme of this cycle is freedom, growth, expansion, reaching for our highest hopes, and surpassing limitation. Even if I weren't as politically-boned as I am, I would still say the Iranian uprising is expressing this theme in a remarkable and perhaps world-changing way. By July 7-8, we should be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And who knows, by the following week, we may even be in a position to choose quality in our lives. From there it's a matter of nurturing our hopes and resources, and growing them into the mid-summer promise of harvest time.

I'll have another CycleCast around August 2, to take us up to the Autmun Equinox. And don't forget my energy of the Month posts, which always come around the first week of each month. Blessed Be.

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