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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's the Pearl: Energy of the Month for June 2009

Who doesn't love the gleaming luster of the pearl? If you are the kind who likes to adorn yourself this way, dear reader, then liberate your pearls from the jewelry box and adorn away! This month's energy is The Pearl ~

The energy of The Pearl represents, among other things, a turning point. If you are ready to close out one phase of your life and begin another, this is the month to consolidate all of that hard-won experience and wisdom. Like the pearl in nature, which develops its lustrous coat through small, daily accumulations, this Pearl represents the riches - both spiritual and otherwise - that we gain through lifetimes of daily acts of caring. Remember ,another word for "experience" is karma - the sum total of our soul's resume, experience put to good use, leading us to self-assuredness.

The Pearl's nearest neighbors on the Star+Gate card pattern are:

The Handle ~ urging to us to create our own opportunities - to start things, rather than wait for life to happen to us.

The Rod ~ taking command of one's life.

The Wind ~ the challenge of how we adapt to change: be like the tree that sways in the wind.

The Cave ~ a place of refuge and connection with our inner resources.

The Coffin ~ reverently putting to rest the old, so that we can make way for the new - shamanic death leading to transformation, regeneration, and rebirth.

Significant themes this month will center around seeking harmony and balance; practicing the lessons of give and take; and feeling the power that comes from combining with others. At the same time, we may see a breaking-up of old patterns - which may be painful to those who hold onto them - leading to a (perhaps welcome) softening of rigid positions. This is the opening that allows the new to come in. What that might be lies ahead for a future reading.

If this sounds rather dense and heavy, well, it is ~ but let's call it profound, shall we? For there are indeed deep currents moving through this reading. This month will be a fruitful time to tap the riches within. Some of us may have powerful, even turbulent, epiphanies of understanding. Most of us will most just buckle down and get serious about this journey along our soul's path. And it's a good, too, because these energies form a smooth current rolling us onward, and it's best to go with the flow.

These energy transformations will develop and build throughout the month, culminating in the last days of June (the 28th to be exact) and extending into the first few days of July. Before then, I will be back with a new Summer Solstice CycleCast!

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This is really interesting, I'm going to trawl my jewellery box for a pearl! :0)


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