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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Notable Quote: On Wit

Perhaps the classic example in the history of wit is the story of a famous exchange between two eighteenth-century political rivals, John Montague, also know as the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, and the reformist politician John Wilkes.

During a heated argument, Montague scowled at Wilkes and said derisively, "Upon my soul, Wilkes, I don't know whether you'll die upon the gallows, or of syphilis."

... Unfazed, Wilkes came back with what many people regard as the greatest retort of all time: "That will depend, my Lord, on whether I embrace your principles, or your mistress."

~P.M. Forni, The Civility Solution

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libu said...

is "touche" apropos? love a good come back..


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