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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fashion Frenzy: Dad's Day Gift Shirts

It's about FASHION, dear readers, because I'm showing you this new line of men's embellished I've recently posted to my Etsy shop~ and FRENZY because I'm behind on filling up my Dad's Day gift section only two weeks out from Father's Day!!! So let me start by showing off what I have, and then I'll fill you in on what's in the works.

This summery shirt is currently being featured on the Apparel & Shoes page of IndieSpotting.com ~

Short-sleeved and breezy, it's the perfect shirt for summer barbecues. The shirt itself is a thrift-shop find of pure linen, and I've embellished it appliques cut from another men's shirt, but Hawaiian-style with brilliant flowers, parrots, sailboats and such. Listed at a special price, this shirt is one-of-a-kind. It even comes with its own gift card to make your shopping ultra-easy.

That's my theme - basic button-downs, livened up with cool tropical prints. Here's another:

Back and front views of this fabulous piece. It's a quality all-cotton shirt, well-washed for softness, and made ooak with the addition of colorful appliques ~

Perfect for casual days at the office, don't you think? This ooak shirt has been called "awesomely cool" in the Etsy forums; coming from a top seller, I take that as quite a compliment.

So that's what I have in shop right now - but tonly wo items in a section looks rather sparse, I think. Besides, I'm addicted to the process of putting appliques on shirts - it's so much fun! So today, I went off to the thrift store, and came home with more basic button-downs to make into new listings (I also bought up a stack of cool CDs for $1 each, and got some much-needed refreshment to my music collection :). My goal is to have another shirt posted by the end of this coming week - just in time for Father's Day - plus a few smaller items like coffee cozies and such.

That, dear readers, will be my celebration of Dad's Day for 2009. I'd love to hear you're doing in your shops for the occasion. To keep me busy after the 21st, I've got a bunch of women's shirts to embellish with my special touch. With the ladies' gear, I can go wild and use gem embellishments, ribbons, metallic paint, etc - now that's really going to be fun!

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Looks great, you do nice work! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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