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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notable Quote: A Spiritual Response to Terrorism, by Marianne Williamson

This just landed in my in-box, and I immediately wanted to help spread the word and the practice ~

A Spiritual Response to Terrorism

With your thoughts, you can help build a system of spiritual quarantine for terrorists and would-be terrorists. You don't have to know who they are. The Creator does.

Just do this ~~~ For a minimum of five minutes every day, meditate in the following way:

Pray that anyone even thinking of committing a terrorist act, anywhere in the world, be surrounded by a huge golden egg.The eggshell is made of the spiritual equivalent of titanium. It is impenetrable.

Any malevolent, hateful or violent thought that emanates from the mind of the terrorist cannot get past the confines of the eggshell.

Before the violent thought can turn into violent action, it is stopped by the force of this meditative field. Energetically, the terrorist is quarantined.

On the inside of the egg, see a shower of golden Light pouring from the eggshell into the heart and mind of the terrorist.

Pray for your lost brother. See him or her being healed by the force of divine Love, wrapped in the arms of angels, reminded of who he truly is.

Five minutes. Every day.

~~ by Marianne Williamson


Jen said...

5 minutes seems easy enough! Thanks for sharing!

Celeste Jean said...

i think we could also pray that the violent heart will be penetrated by love.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

That is beautiful.


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