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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mixed Media on Monday: journaling the quest for my spiritual squeegee

It's been a draggy week, dear readers, and so to avoid getting lost in my head, I've taken refuge in my mixed-media visual journaling process. At last this was productive, and I have four new page spreads to show you! I won't comment too much on the technical process, but I'll give you some context and let the pages speak for themselves ~

So, it's been a slow week on Etsy (duh) and I began wondering what happens to all the beautiful stuff we Etsians create, that sits in closets waiting to get bought. Is like a tree that falls in the forest - if no one hears it, does it make a sound? That little meditation led me to create the simple yet, I think, beautiful collage on the right-hand side of this two-page journal spread.

Interestingly, the panel on the left - Gaia's Gifts - was done about two years ago. I've since made it available for purchase as prints and card through my RedBubble site. You can view and purchase it here. Amazing to me, this spread remained incomplete for such a long, and it's come together quickly and I think the two pages harmonize well with each other!

This spread was inspired by the BOGO sale I'm having at my Etsy shop right now (see the next older post on this blog, or go to EclecticaByJan etsy shop and get the details straight up). I've done it before - posted a fabulous sale and gotten no bites whatsoever. Makes we wonder, can't I even give something away??? The thoughts may be dark, but the bright colors and designs cheer me up!

Which led me to meditate on the old saying, fake it 'til you make it. The words on the page are pretty self-explanatory, ending with the sideways question: I can has making it nao? (Apologies to cheezburger-loving lolcats everywhere.) As I worked with this, I began to realize that I might always go through life feeling like I'm faking it, and you know what - THAT'S OKAY. It really doesn't matter what I feel inside, as long as the work gets out there and it is good. Um, I think it's good. What do you think?

This spread is the darkest, but the most hopeful. It spins off a discussion I was having with some friends, about manifesting. Someone mentioned that we sometimes carry with us "spiritual sludge" which has to come up to be cleared before our intentions can be fulfilled in an uncluttered way. I thought about this a lot, and was inspired to create these pages that illustrate my "spiritual squeegee" - shown in the right-hand panel - wiping away the sludge to reveal the bright perfection that lies beneath - always there, all the time.

Thank you for reading through this rather long post. I'd love to have your comments on this collages. Working this way has given me a great deal of satisfaction, along with some practice to hone my mixed-media skills. And I value the insights I have gained this way!


* all images are (c) 2009 Jan Burch *


Mixed Media Martyr said...

Loved seeing your cool pages and the meaning behind them. Sorry you had a bad week.

Rather than 'fake it till you make it', how about a 'wholehearted and authentic' motto instead?! lol!

Jan4insight said...

Thanks for your kind words & taking the time to comment, MMM!

Your suggestion is well-taken. However at this time I think the best I can do is to say,

"I am wholeheartedly and authentically .... faking it 'til I make it!" ;)

Mixed Media Martyr said...

He he! Fair comment, Jan!

byapryl said...

I think we have all been there one time or another. You just have to keep going. You have found a great outlet, your pages are wonderful!

Jan4insight said...

@ MMM - glad we understand each other :-)

@ byapril - thank you for the heartfelt and supportive comment. Yes, it is better for me to go through tough times doing something productive like this!

Btw, I checked out your blog - nice - and I love your wish trees!


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