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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Having Fun with Project Wonderful!

My FaceBook friends (those who bother to read my postings) may have been puzzled by this status update I made yesterday: I'm enjoying the power of being a publisher on Project Wonderful: Folks bid up the cost of my ad space, and I get to reject them! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ....

Okay, I was in an "ebil" mood when I wrote that - a giddy, ebil mood - so let me explain. After over a year of blogging, posting, networking, and generally building up my blog's muscles, I decided it was time to "monetize" my blog. In other words, it's time to earn some $$$ from the blog itself. Now, I'm not seduced by tales of riches from the blogosphere - I'm more realistic than that - but it would be nice to get a little compensation for all the considerable work it takes to keep a blog going. Maybe enough $$ to offset some of my Etsy fees, for example, or put some gas in the car, or buy a dinner once in a while. That kind of thing.

My first, short-lived venture in monetizing was through Adsense, which posted on my blog those ubiquitous, Net-wide Google ads we've all become so familiar with. It's a pay-per-click system, which means no click, no pay. And guess what - after a several week of no clicks, I could see this was going nowhere fast. Fortunately, it's easy to cancel out that program. One click, and it's bye-bye Adsense.

My next step was to sign up as a publisher on Project Wonderful. I had to wait while they approved my blog (they actually have standards!) and so I submitted my application and forgot about it. On Monday last, a message landed in my inbox saying I'd been approved as a publisher! I immediately set up some ad boxes on my blog's sidebar - it's very easy to do - and whaddya know, I started getting bids! In other words, people with Project Wonderful ad accounts are competing to place their ads on my blog. And I get to accept or reject them. The power to rule the world, bwa ha ha ...

Okay, I'm not that power-hungry. But the dynamic is very different than with other promotional programs I've tried. For one thing, the system gives both the publisher and the client a lot of control - yet, because it's an auction system, there's enough chance in the mix to make it interesting. Second, I started seeing results right away - I now have $.04 in my account! It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's better than Adsense did for me - plus I'll be able to withdraw my funds when I build up to $10, which really beats Adsense.

But the best of it, for me, is getting a concrete demonstration that there is value to my blog. This may seem small in numbers terms, but it's a big boost to my self-esteem and drive to keep this thing going. Let's face it, we all need to know out worth, and there's something about watching an auction happen over your own blog space that really affirms value. W00t - it's given me a bounce, for sure! Not only that, but it's also inspiring me to write more blog posts - because to keep my blog's value high, I have to have readers. And the best way to have readers is to keep writing and posting good, quality content that people want to read.

So, let me say a big "Welcome" and "Thank you" to my new advertisers. And to my dear and faithful readers, I hope you will take the time visit my advertisers' sites (I check them out before I approve them!) and consider supporting the wonderful folks who are now supporting me.

I think this is a positive illustration of the old saying, What goes around comes around.


MagicMarkingsArt said...

good for you jan ~ take advantage of any form of tiny revenue available...and thanks for the heads up, i always wondered about this.

Jeanne Selep said...

Great blog article. I learned info I had never thought of before.

Jenn said...

Thank you so much for publishing this! My blog is going through a similar need to monetize right now as well, I have also had AdSense lurking out on my Green Leaf blog for far too long. Just signed up with Amazon and P.W. sounds just fantastic too! I will look into this, thanks again :-)


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