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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fun: Do You Wordle?

So, I'm thinking about the blog post I'll write tomorrow, when I can finally announce that Mercury Retrograde is OVER (not yet, dear readers, just one more day), and I decided to use a Wordle instead of a graphic to illustrate it. Which meant that I had to actually master the process of creating and saving a Wordle. It's a bit of the pain in the arse, but as I always like to say ~

Yep, that's "Fake it Til You Make it" in wordle form. There's this cool website you can go to, http://www.wordle.net/, where you can take any text and get it made into a picture. Then you can play with the color, layout, fonts, and such, until you have it just the way you want it. Of course, after you've clicked the site's built-in "randomize" button elebenty hundred times, you have no idea what you want - but what the hey. When it comes to wasting time on the Internets, you could easily do worse!

Here's another one I made, using text from my Exercise in Fragmentation post from a little earlier this month. You can see, there's an array of different effects you can get. However, once I had it on the screen, I had to capture it into my computer, and the geeks who created this site don't make it easy. I had to do a screen shot, paste it into my Paint program (I didn't even know I had a Paint program), then go into Picasa and crop out all the junk that came with the screen shot. But hey, I learned a new skill and ramped my own geek rating up a notch! Once I was in Picasa (my favorite pic-editing program), I played some more. Here, I used Picasa to alter the tint & saturation of the colors.

This one is a favorite - it's the text I used to describe my lovely Green Room collage which is posted in my RedBubble gallery. I love how the colors echo the image itself.

Does this look familiar? It's the text from my previous post announcing my BOGO sale! Thought I'd give you all a little reminder that the sale is still on - and I still haven't had a taker for my free-gift offer. What, can't I even give something away? And the sale ends May 31st! Like mother always said, if you snooze, you lose!

And now I'm going to post this, and see how the Wordle pics look in my very own blog. So I'll let you dear readers go off and play with the new toy I showed you :-) Happy Wordle-ing!


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Ugh! My head is spinning! I never really liked those "scrabble" wood games ( general use there) Brain teasers for me are more mathmatical. still, I don't like working my brain that much.. call me lazy! Or blame all those useless college degrees I have...

Jan4insight said...

There there, Great Ethan Allen ~ it's all for fun, and it's more about the visual image than actually trying to read the words. I promise I won't overdo Wordle on my blog in the future - but darn it, making them is just so much fun!

Christie Cottage said...

Cool posts! Word art :-)

byapryl said...

I keep meaning to try that site out but i'm afraid i'll get caught in a word storm and never emerge!

Jan4insight said...

TY, ChristieCottage :)

byapril ~ yes, that's a risk! I was up with wordle late last night :)


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