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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hope Floats ~ and Mercury Retrograde is Over!

Big sigh of relief, fellow-travelers - We moved out of Mercury Retrograde a little over an hour ago, as I write this! Ahhh, things we've put on hold can start moving forward once again. True, the sticklers will insist that it take a few weeks for the Retrograde effect to fully pass away, but who cares about them? Enough is Enough, I say, and if you feel like moving ahead with your plans, by all means do so.

This also means we're back into the Beltane-to-Solstice CycleCast, which I posted on April 30. To save you from having to scroll down and find it, I've re-posted the essential messages of that reading below - along with a beautiful WORDLE of the test - to remind us that Hope Floats:

We really should be waddling happily along, not taking things too seriously, and going with the flow of life... ahhhh. But just when life seems to be floating by, along comes the Universe and slams down that big Looking Glass in our face, forcing us to take a look at ourselves and See Clearly. What to do? Roll up the sleeves, put on the Gloves and get to the real work of give and take. Oh yes, it is okay - even necessary- to accept assistance with the task ahead.

Looking back, have we paid enough attention to the Earth - our resources, stability, and structure? If not, the times of neglect will be catching up with us. If so, then we have a firm foundation to build upon. It's the nourishing soil that grows sweet flowers and attracts the Butterfly. This lets us rise up, as if on a Ladder, all the while Bowing to the great mystery that surrounds us. Sit for a while in prayer or meditation, dear traveler, and when Hope is restored, take up your Sword and go forth once more.

A major theme of this reading is: how do we respond to the universal forces that are acting upon us? We're not so much in the driver's seat during this Cycle, although a well-chosen attitude can get us through in a pinch. Even as we refine how we express our selves, we are are also searching deeply for the truth. When this tension becomes too great, we must learn to simply sit with the contradictions. It's called unifying duality, and it's a major lesson to be learned in this Cycle.

Peak days in this reading appear during during the first week of June. These are the times when the lessons will click, and we'll really be able to claim our own power. Then we'll have a couple of weeks to consolidate the energy, as the sun rises up to the zenith of Solstice, before we turn into the waning half of the year. Sounds like a good time to take a summer vacation! And do check in again, because I'll be writing about June's Energy of Month early next week, and come the Solstice I'll have another 45-day CycleCast for you!

Would you like to have a forecast of your personal energy cycles? My intuitive readings will help answer your questions and illuminate your path - and are now available by e-mail!. For information and to request a reading, click here, or send a message to burchjan@gmail.com. Visit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com/ for more information about my intuitive services.

Notable Quote: "One Art," a poem by Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979)

The art of losing isn't hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.

Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn't hard to master.

Then practice losing farther, losing faster:
places, and names, and where it was you meant
to travel. None of these will bring you disaster.

I lost my mother's watch. And look! my last or
next-to-last, of three loved houses went.
The art of losing isn't hard to master.

I lost two cities, loved, yes. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster.

Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture
I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident
the art of losing is not too hard to master
though it may look like (Write it!) a disaster.

This seems like a fitting close to the last day of this difficult Mercury Retrograde cycle. I'll be back tonight, dear readers, with a celebratory post - after it's OVER!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fun: Do You Wordle?

So, I'm thinking about the blog post I'll write tomorrow, when I can finally announce that Mercury Retrograde is OVER (not yet, dear readers, just one more day), and I decided to use a Wordle instead of a graphic to illustrate it. Which meant that I had to actually master the process of creating and saving a Wordle. It's a bit of the pain in the arse, but as I always like to say ~

Yep, that's "Fake it Til You Make it" in wordle form. There's this cool website you can go to, http://www.wordle.net/, where you can take any text and get it made into a picture. Then you can play with the color, layout, fonts, and such, until you have it just the way you want it. Of course, after you've clicked the site's built-in "randomize" button elebenty hundred times, you have no idea what you want - but what the hey. When it comes to wasting time on the Internets, you could easily do worse!

Here's another one I made, using text from my Exercise in Fragmentation post from a little earlier this month. You can see, there's an array of different effects you can get. However, once I had it on the screen, I had to capture it into my computer, and the geeks who created this site don't make it easy. I had to do a screen shot, paste it into my Paint program (I didn't even know I had a Paint program), then go into Picasa and crop out all the junk that came with the screen shot. But hey, I learned a new skill and ramped my own geek rating up a notch! Once I was in Picasa (my favorite pic-editing program), I played some more. Here, I used Picasa to alter the tint & saturation of the colors.

This one is a favorite - it's the text I used to describe my lovely Green Room collage which is posted in my RedBubble gallery. I love how the colors echo the image itself.

Does this look familiar? It's the text from my previous post announcing my BOGO sale! Thought I'd give you all a little reminder that the sale is still on - and I still haven't had a taker for my free-gift offer. What, can't I even give something away? And the sale ends May 31st! Like mother always said, if you snooze, you lose!

And now I'm going to post this, and see how the Wordle pics look in my very own blog. So I'll let you dear readers go off and play with the new toy I showed you :-) Happy Wordle-ing!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still flogging my Etsy sale - now with a giveaway!

Who's going to be the first to take me up on my generous offer - everything in my Etsy shop that's $7 or less - is buy one, get one free! Only a few more days left on this generous offer, but I still haven't had any takers :( Makes me wonder if it was something I said?

Maybe I should show off more specifically the great deals you can get this way, like ~

Two handmade washcloths sets for just $7 (sorry, rubber duckies not included). That's 4 cloths total - way cheaper than you can get at KMart! (Please note, prices do not include shipping - but my shipping costs are very reasonable, so it still beats KMart :)

Two sets of unique bead-crochet ear dangles - so fun to wear! Only $4.95 for both sets!

With nearly 40 qualifying items to choose from, you don't have to stay in one category. You can mix & match. As shown above, get a beautiful, original collage ACEO and a set of mini-envelopes for just $4! The envelopes are perfectly sized for ACEOs, and they also make a nice way to enclose your business cards when shipping orders.

How can anyone say no to great deals like this? Aren't you tempted? To sweeten the deal even further, I am making this very special offer:

The first person to buy from this sale AND write "Jan's CycleCast Blog" in the notes to seller at checkout, will receive a free gift!!!! What's the gift, you ask? I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the gift I've picked out for you is a printed note card from my secret RedBubble stash. You haven't seen it on my Etsy site (that's the surprise), but it's a beautiful abstract design suitable for any occasion. This card alone is worth $4 - so you can see how your savings will add up if you act right away!

How to make all this happen? Simply follow this link to EclecticaByJan, and take it from there. Details on the sale are clearly stated in my shop announcement. Any questions, just convo me or you can even write to burchjan@gmail.com. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Notable Quote: George Carlin on Indians

"...Now the Indians. I call them Indians because that's what they are. They're Indians. There's nothing wrong with the word Indian. "First of all, it's important to know that the word Indian does not derive from Columbus mistakenly believing he had reached ' India .' India was not even called by that name in 1492; it was known as Hindustan ."More likely, the word Indian comes from Columbus 's description of the people he found here. He was an Italian, and did not speak or write very good Spanish, so in his written accounts he called the Indians, "Una gente in Dios." A people in God. In God. In Dios. Indians. It's a perfectly noble and respectable word.

"As far as calling them 'Americans' is concerned, do I even have to point out what an insult this is? ----- We steal their hemisphere, kill twenty or so million of them, destroy five hundred separate cultures, herd the survivors onto the worst land we can find, and now we want to name them after ourselves? It's appalling. Haven't we done enough damage? Do we have to further degrade them by tagging them with the repulsive name of their conquerors? ....

"You know, you'd think it would be a fairly simple thing to come over to this continent, commit genocide, eliminate the forests, dam up the rivers, build our malls and massage parlors, sell our blenders and whoopee cushions, poison ourselves with chemicals, and let it go at that. But no. We have to compound the insult. "... I'm glad the Indians have gambling casinos now. It makes me happy that dimwitted white people are losing their rent money to the Indians. Maybe the Indians will get lucky and win their country back.

"Probably they wouldn't want it. Look at what we did to it."

~ George Carlin, in Braindroppings

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mixed Media on Monday: journaling the quest for my spiritual squeegee

It's been a draggy week, dear readers, and so to avoid getting lost in my head, I've taken refuge in my mixed-media visual journaling process. At last this was productive, and I have four new page spreads to show you! I won't comment too much on the technical process, but I'll give you some context and let the pages speak for themselves ~

So, it's been a slow week on Etsy (duh) and I began wondering what happens to all the beautiful stuff we Etsians create, that sits in closets waiting to get bought. Is like a tree that falls in the forest - if no one hears it, does it make a sound? That little meditation led me to create the simple yet, I think, beautiful collage on the right-hand side of this two-page journal spread.

Interestingly, the panel on the left - Gaia's Gifts - was done about two years ago. I've since made it available for purchase as prints and card through my RedBubble site. You can view and purchase it here. Amazing to me, this spread remained incomplete for such a long, and it's come together quickly and I think the two pages harmonize well with each other!

This spread was inspired by the BOGO sale I'm having at my Etsy shop right now (see the next older post on this blog, or go to EclecticaByJan etsy shop and get the details straight up). I've done it before - posted a fabulous sale and gotten no bites whatsoever. Makes we wonder, can't I even give something away??? The thoughts may be dark, but the bright colors and designs cheer me up!

Which led me to meditate on the old saying, fake it 'til you make it. The words on the page are pretty self-explanatory, ending with the sideways question: I can has making it nao? (Apologies to cheezburger-loving lolcats everywhere.) As I worked with this, I began to realize that I might always go through life feeling like I'm faking it, and you know what - THAT'S OKAY. It really doesn't matter what I feel inside, as long as the work gets out there and it is good. Um, I think it's good. What do you think?

This spread is the darkest, but the most hopeful. It spins off a discussion I was having with some friends, about manifesting. Someone mentioned that we sometimes carry with us "spiritual sludge" which has to come up to be cleared before our intentions can be fulfilled in an uncluttered way. I thought about this a lot, and was inspired to create these pages that illustrate my "spiritual squeegee" - shown in the right-hand panel - wiping away the sludge to reveal the bright perfection that lies beneath - always there, all the time.

Thank you for reading through this rather long post. I'd love to have your comments on this collages. Working this way has given me a great deal of satisfaction, along with some practice to hone my mixed-media skills. And I value the insights I have gained this way!


* all images are (c) 2009 Jan Burch *

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Do You Know BOGO? Trying my luck again with a shop sale ~

BOGO stands for Buy One Get One .... FREE! (in this case). Yes I'm trying my luck again with a sale at my Etsy shop, applying this BOGO special to every item priced at $7 or less. Look at the plethora of little goodies you can get this way ~

In this fabulous selection I have ACEOs, note cards, washcloth sets, earrings, knitting patterns, and more! It's a great way stock up on some useful items: don't we all need some blank greeting cards on hand for a quick note? and we all have to clean up the kitchen sometime - my crocheted cloths are the best for that purpose! Or, you can treat yourself and a friend to a special little treat - perhaps an original mixed-media art card, or a set of fun crocheted earrings!

I've made it easy for you to find the items that qualify for this great sale. Just go to EclecticaByJan and see the details in the shop announcement. There's a link that leads you to a search list of all the sale items - over 35 of them!

Help yourself to a little treat this week - the sale goes through May 31! And help me out, too - I'm wanting to move out these small items, because creativity is calling - there's more stuff to make - and I need to make the room for it! Plus, it's a been a slow week at Etsy (no surprise to any of you who sell there, is it?) and we're all doing our best to stir up the energy for more transactions. So do your part and buy from someone (like me:) who's a genuine independent entrepreneur and who is guaranteed to get this money back circulating in the economy!

And if you need one more reason to shop online, consider this: You can stay out of the mall!

Note to the Universe: Yes I had said several posts back that I would never do a sale again. Well, I've changed my mind. I genuinely want and intend that all of my shop items sell quickly. So cancel any other thought!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Newest, Best-est Afghan ~

I had picked this afghan to write about when I first decided to do today's post as a Fiber-Friday sort of thing. Now on a cool, rainy evening here in Albuquerque, it's even more appropriate. Because when the weather turns damp and chilly - which it can do almost any time in the mountains of New Mexico - there's nothing better than wrapping up in a cozy, handmade afghan ~

I call this beauty Surf N Turf, and it's made using my signature color-block pattern style - my own design, although I think of it more as a "recipe" than a pattern. The crochet stitch I use gives a waffle-like texture, which comes out soft, lightweight, yet warm - just like your favorite thermal jammies! To make this one ultra-chic and over the top, I used the very modern color combo of turquoise and brown.

If you're thinking that the overall design looks like a quilt, you're right. It's based on the same principles as constructing a Log Cabin quilt block - only bigger, and with yarn instead of fabric! By now I've made a total of six full-sized afghans, and three baby blankets, using this method (recipe!), and I've yet to grow tired of it. I have yarn stashed for several more of these projects, and it's going to fun seeing the different looks that can be created this way.

So welcome to my new Surf N Turf afghan! It's available for purchase at my EclecticaByJan Etsy shop - and at a very good introductory price, I might add. Oh yes, this afghan is washable and very durable. For a uniquely beautiful addition to your decor, and a practical way to keep warm when the cool rain or winter chill strikes, you can't beat a hand-crocheted afghan like this one.

Oh, but what if you don't like turquoise and brown? No worries - I love to do custom orders! Tell me your colors, and I'll design and make one just for you! You can convo me at http://eclecticabyjan.etsy.com/, or just send me an email: burchjan@gmail.com. And when you go to my Etsy shop, be sure to check out the big SALE announcement that's running now on the shop home page :-)
Stay cozy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Words Upon Our Hearts: a teaching story

A disciple asks the rebbe, "Why does Torah tell us to 'place these Words upon your hearts?' Why does it not tell us to place these holy words in our hearts?"

The rebbe answers: "It is because as we are, our hearts are closed, and we cannot place the holy words in our hearts. So we place them upon on top of our hearts. And there they stay until, one day, the heart breaks open, and the words fall in."

~ rabbinical teaching story, quoted in Broken, by Wm. Copes Moyers

Monday, May 18, 2009

Moving Forward by Looking Back: A Healing through Past Life Work

(original collage by Jan Burch)
A few days ago, I received this email from a client I'll call V, a dear lady who is truly committed to her path of spiritual growth:
Good Morning, Jan,
Thank you again for your work and help yesterday. I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly all night. That is a blessing! This morning I have so much energy that immediately after breakfast I tackled the chores I've been wanting to do for a month, and believe me, just crossing those off my list is a great feeling.
It's always wonderful to get such delicious feedback from my clients, and I'd like to share about how I can you move out of "stuck" places and become your best. Some people may think I work "magic," but to my mind it's all very logical if you accept that we live in a cosmos built out of subtle energies.
In other words, it's all about energy ~ specifically, clearing out energy blocks and allowing the new and the good to come in. I believe we each have a a Universal blueprint for perfection guiding our development and manifestations, but somewhere along the line errors creep in. It's like the "seventh xerox of the seventh xerox," as a former boss of mine used to say (back in the days when copy machines ruled the world's offices). And we all know how blurry those can get! Each blur introduces errors into the system, and over time the errors multiply until we seemingly lose sight of our innate perfection.
But some of us wake up, glimpse the perfection, and resolve to see it restored and activated. Client V is such a person, and she's dedicated much time and attention to restoring her perfect self. However, some of us are tougher cases than others - I know, I'm a tough case myself! Healing seems so elusive when we try and try again, yet still find ourselves stuck in the same old same old. It's temptation to blame oneself (and our culture helps a lot) with ineffective self-talk such as: You created this! You don't really want to get well! You're using your condition to .... (fill in the blank)! Please ~ cancel all of those thoughts!
I reject that blaming thoughtform, and instead I look at the stuck places as an opportunity to go deeper into releasing whatever patterns block the perfection from coming through. It's so simple: just identify the block, become ready to release it, and then ASK! And often ye shall receive ~ as was demonstrated so beautifully in my work with V.
Of course, we usually need help to do this! In V's case, the issue at hand involved family patterns around money. After consulting the StarGate cards to identify the basic energy picture around her question, I picked up that V's "past" in the reading was referring to a past life. Together we tuned into a lifetime not too long ago in the Universal scheme of things, where she had actually been a tycoon - one who had trashed a partnership and nearly lost everything. We discussed the resonance with V's current life situation, and then took the most important step of the session: With the help of my guides and the dowsing system that directs all of my intuitive work, this past-life pattern was cleared!
I couldn't predict for V what positive results would come from this. Results are often subtle, but her report of peaceful sleep (after a period of insomnia) is a definite indication that the energy clearing is working. Also keep in mind that this was the culmination of several intense sessions we've done recently. Well-being builds - or, maybe the layers peel off like an onion, to use the familiar analogy - and finally the perfection shines through. And then more life happens and we slide back into disharmony and stress. That's okay; it comes with being human, and it just means that it's time to get clear once again.
V closed her letter to me with this ~
Even after working outside on chores for a few hours I still feel peppy so after lunch will tackle some more.
Thank you, thank you. I hope you are having a good day too.

And so, dear readers, do I ;-)
Would you like to have a forecast of your own personal energy cycles? My intuitive readings will help answer your questions and illuminate your path - and are now available by e-mail!. For information and to request a reading, click here, or send a message to burchjan@gmail.com. Visit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com for information about all of my intuitive services.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notable Quote: A Spiritual Response to Terrorism, by Marianne Williamson

This just landed in my in-box, and I immediately wanted to help spread the word and the practice ~

A Spiritual Response to Terrorism

With your thoughts, you can help build a system of spiritual quarantine for terrorists and would-be terrorists. You don't have to know who they are. The Creator does.

Just do this ~~~ For a minimum of five minutes every day, meditate in the following way:

Pray that anyone even thinking of committing a terrorist act, anywhere in the world, be surrounded by a huge golden egg.The eggshell is made of the spiritual equivalent of titanium. It is impenetrable.

Any malevolent, hateful or violent thought that emanates from the mind of the terrorist cannot get past the confines of the eggshell.

Before the violent thought can turn into violent action, it is stopped by the force of this meditative field. Energetically, the terrorist is quarantined.

On the inside of the egg, see a shower of golden Light pouring from the eggshell into the heart and mind of the terrorist.

Pray for your lost brother. See him or her being healed by the force of divine Love, wrapped in the arms of angels, reminded of who he truly is.

Five minutes. Every day.

~~ by Marianne Williamson

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Having Fun with Project Wonderful!

My FaceBook friends (those who bother to read my postings) may have been puzzled by this status update I made yesterday: I'm enjoying the power of being a publisher on Project Wonderful: Folks bid up the cost of my ad space, and I get to reject them! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ....

Okay, I was in an "ebil" mood when I wrote that - a giddy, ebil mood - so let me explain. After over a year of blogging, posting, networking, and generally building up my blog's muscles, I decided it was time to "monetize" my blog. In other words, it's time to earn some $$$ from the blog itself. Now, I'm not seduced by tales of riches from the blogosphere - I'm more realistic than that - but it would be nice to get a little compensation for all the considerable work it takes to keep a blog going. Maybe enough $$ to offset some of my Etsy fees, for example, or put some gas in the car, or buy a dinner once in a while. That kind of thing.

My first, short-lived venture in monetizing was through Adsense, which posted on my blog those ubiquitous, Net-wide Google ads we've all become so familiar with. It's a pay-per-click system, which means no click, no pay. And guess what - after a several week of no clicks, I could see this was going nowhere fast. Fortunately, it's easy to cancel out that program. One click, and it's bye-bye Adsense.

My next step was to sign up as a publisher on Project Wonderful. I had to wait while they approved my blog (they actually have standards!) and so I submitted my application and forgot about it. On Monday last, a message landed in my inbox saying I'd been approved as a publisher! I immediately set up some ad boxes on my blog's sidebar - it's very easy to do - and whaddya know, I started getting bids! In other words, people with Project Wonderful ad accounts are competing to place their ads on my blog. And I get to accept or reject them. The power to rule the world, bwa ha ha ...

Okay, I'm not that power-hungry. But the dynamic is very different than with other promotional programs I've tried. For one thing, the system gives both the publisher and the client a lot of control - yet, because it's an auction system, there's enough chance in the mix to make it interesting. Second, I started seeing results right away - I now have $.04 in my account! It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's better than Adsense did for me - plus I'll be able to withdraw my funds when I build up to $10, which really beats Adsense.

But the best of it, for me, is getting a concrete demonstration that there is value to my blog. This may seem small in numbers terms, but it's a big boost to my self-esteem and drive to keep this thing going. Let's face it, we all need to know out worth, and there's something about watching an auction happen over your own blog space that really affirms value. W00t - it's given me a bounce, for sure! Not only that, but it's also inspiring me to write more blog posts - because to keep my blog's value high, I have to have readers. And the best way to have readers is to keep writing and posting good, quality content that people want to read.

So, let me say a big "Welcome" and "Thank you" to my new advertisers. And to my dear and faithful readers, I hope you will take the time visit my advertisers' sites (I check them out before I approve them!) and consider supporting the wonderful folks who are now supporting me.

I think this is a positive illustration of the old saying, What goes around comes around.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coming apart, and Gluing Back Together - or, how collage/visual journaling saved the day!

Yesterday was just one of those days, folks. I won't go into detail because we've all had them. I felt crummy and couldn't get my act together, or get anything "accomplished." So I released myself from all my promises, headed to my workroom, and made this collage ~

~ original collage by jan burch ~
You might call this an exercise in fragmentation - which suited my mood perfectly. I had been reading about altered art techniques, and wanted to try one that basically involves cutting a photo into various rectangular pieces, then reassembling them into a new, mosaic-like image. Of course, lots of embellishments are added in the process. I don't have any pics of the in-progress work, so this isn't a true tutorial, but I'll walk you through what I did in my spare time yesterday:

First I grabbed one of my working journals, this one being a desk calendar that's serving as my 2009 book, and opened to a two-page spread. I colored in the pages by scribbling over with markers, using my trusty silver Sharpie to free-write what I was feeling. Since I was in a funky mood, this was really jumbled - but that's okay, because it's only a base layer. (I sometimes sardonically think that collage work is the art of making beautiful backgrounds, and then covering them up - but this is a "scrambled" image to be covered :-)

Next, I pulled some images from my stash. (Note that I was working FAST for this step and the previous one - not only was I seeking mood management, but I wanted to work fast to sidestep the internal editor that was seething at the time.) I didn't find the images I'd thought I wanted, but I came up with a few pages torn from magazines, and a photocopy of a previous journal page. (I like to recycle my art by keeping photocopies and working from them in later projects.) You can the remnants of my page in the abstract background behind the figure in the upper left corner, and in the word "forever" on the right.

I took out my handy tearing ruler, which makes tears with curved edges (much better than boring straight lines) and tore the images up into rectangles. By then I had calmed down enough to lay out a pattern of the pieces on the background. Interestingly, I found that words from my pages could be patched together to make a sentence ~ I make my sketches to declare peace forever ~ a bit of found poetry. So that became my theme.

After gluing everything down, I looked again the pages. They seemed rather bland, so I grabbed some highlighter pens and started coloring in the photos. This is where the fun began! Something about adding color not only makes the pictures pop, but it also anchors the transformation of fragments into something much greater. Now, for example, when I see the forest/mountain scene in the right page center - which was originally a rather bland sepia-tone - it becomes a compelling and soothing vista that draws me in.

With the pieces glued and colored, I needed to integrate them into the page. I used some new paint pens I'd recently purchased, in metallic colors - I love metallic, and sparkle is always a good thing! I have no idea how kids actually use Elmer's squeeze pens - I've never been able to squeeze and paint with their stubby brushes. It must frustrate a lot of parents, too! I just uncapped the pen, squeezed a little paint on a tray, and used a regular brush to spread the paint between and slightly over the picture fragments. Any paint that went where I didn't want, I wiped off with a baby wipe.

My pages looked almost done, but there's always room for embellishment. My stash yielded some narrow painted strips I'd cut when trimming a previous batch of ACEOs. They fit between the cut-outs, and the colors blended perfectly - which justifies my insatiable habit of keeping every scrap! I cut and pasted the strips to fit between the picture fragments, and felt very satisfied at this unifying layer. I added the Japanese lady, a photocopy from a Tarot deck, because she seemed to go with that background, and as the Queen of Swords she's one of my personal iconic images. A bit more labelling to secure the realizations, and I'm done: back to relative mental balance again, and ready to return to my Etsy projects - I'm making Father's Day gifts and coordinated cards. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Challenge of the Robe: CycleCast for Mercury Retrograde, now through May 30, 2009

The thrice-yearly time of glitches known as Mercury Retrograde begins tonight at 11:01 pm, Mountain Time. Better get your ducks in a row right away, fellow-travelers, because once Mercury, the planet of communication, begins its apparent backward motion in our sky, well - things happen.

Actually, it's never as bad as we make it to be. It's true that Mercury Retrograde times are not auspicious for launching new ventures. Still, this looking-backward period has its uses. It's a time to rest and regroup, and to clean up old stuff at any level. This particular Cycle brings us opportunities to go deeper in our inner work, through the challenge of the Robe ~

We come into this Cycle shining like the Sun - warm, radiant, optimistic, and even dominating if we're not careful. Ahead lies that which we don't want to face: the Coffin, our place of dying to the old and making way for transformation, regeneration, and rebirth. Wrap the Robe around you, fellow-traveler, and absorb into your being all that you are, and all that you ever will be. If you need some extra energy to sprint through these three+ weeks, grab the handy Siphon and just let it all go. Releasing the old makes way for the new to come in, and what better time to practice this truth than now?

Since the Robe is such a central energy to this reading, let's explore it some more. It often comes up in personal psychic readings around career issues - and it does have a strong connection with one's work and service in the world - but it's much more than that. The Robe calls us to examine the ways we adapt to the various roles in our lives, and how we integrate them into our own unique character. As one of the challenge cards in the Star+Gate system, the answer to the Robe's dilemma is resolved by a (sometimes) simple mental shift. Specialization in one role or another can seem comforting, but ultimately we become whole when we can embrace our multi-faceted nature. Each of our roles is like a shard of self; and while none are perfect, all are loved.

This Cycle occupies almost all of May, so the Robe can serve as May's energy of the month. Another prevalent theme in this reading that of Unification. All of the challenges and backward-seeming movements in this Cycle are simply exercises that prepare us to Expand, to Know, to grow beyond limitations and reach for freedom - for self and others. We will also get a reprieve from the retrograde-challenges in mid-Month, about May 14 through 16, when the energies will allow us to focus on making important decisions. We'll see the light at the end of the tunnel and even be able to bring the invisible into manifest form. So once again - be careful what you ask for!

Would you like to have a forecast of your personal energy cycles? My intuitive readings will help answer your questions and illuminate your path - and are now available by e-mail!. For information and to request a reading, click here, or send a message to burchjan@gmail.com. Visit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com/ for more information about my intuitive services.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am so honored!!!!

I didn't expect to be posting again so soon, but today I experienced one of those superb benefits of my participation in the Etsy world - indeed, the Internet world. It's about the connections we can make with like-minded folks all over the world.

I was "convo'd" today by a wonderful Etsian named Karen of MysticWynd, who asked if she could feature my shop in her blog. She sent me three remarkably thoughtful questions to answer, questions showing that she'd really looked at my shop and wanted to understand what made it (and me) tick. So here I am, featured in the "Etsy Spotlight" on


Do be sure to go visit this wonderful blog. Karen writes thoughtful articles on spirituality and creativity, illustrated with gorgeous images. Then, on the right-hand sidebar, she runs a continuous list of features about various Etsy shops! I'm in very good company there, I can tell you. Take some time to browse and feast your senses! And be sure to visit http://mysticwynd.etsy.com/ to see Karen's amazing jewelry at great prices.

My Update Letter for May 2009, and how you can get one, too ~

Yesterday I mailed out my UpDate Letter to my e-mail list of 90+ readers, friends and clients. Here's an excerpt/sample of what I send out every month. I often include special discounts and offers that are only available this way. If you'd like to receive my approximately monthly UpDate mailings, send a message to burchjan@gmail.com. Be sure to use the email address you want to have on the mailing list!

Greetings to all my friends and readers ~ We're in the merry month of May, and as promised, we have a new CycleCast depicting the energies we will collectively experience now through the summer solstice! It's a staple of my writings in Jan's CycleCast Blog. If you haven't visited the blog in a while, take a look through the recent posts: You'll find some of my real-life observations that I hope will provide solace to anyone who's suffered a disappointment, followed by a look at tabletop labyrinths and what they can do for you.

On the Creative Front ~ I've enhanced the metaphysical section of my Etsy shop with more features in my readings, as well a listing for tabletop labyrinths. I'm also adding new selections of quartz crystals, all carefully hand-picked and cleansed for your spiritual use.

Mother's Day is getting close, and I have lots of handmade beauties that would perfect gifts for Mom's special day! (It's not too late if you order by Monday for U.S. shipping. At your request, I can even gift-wrap and ship directly to Mom :-) Look at my new section of fiber jewelry, for example, along with my crocheted wearables. And then, take your pick from my goddess cards for the perfect card to convey your best wishes and appreciation to Mom! Stay out of the malls go for the unique and handmade for a truly special Mother's Day!

With the selling deadline for Mother's Day nearly past, I'm now turning my attention to Father's Day. What exciting new handmades will Jan's creative nose develop for Dad? Stay tuned! And until those arrive, you could get Dad something for his walls - such as a quality print or calendar from my RedBubble site !

As always, I am available for intuitive readings in person, by phone, or by email, along with hands-on Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions in my home office. See my website for complete information about my intuitive services.

Wishing everyone a happy run-up to full-blown summer. I'd like to close with these inspiring words from Peace Pilgrim:

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others. Inner peace is not found by staying on the surface of life, or by attempting to escape through life by any means. Inner peace is found by facing life squarely, solving its problems, delving as far beneath its surface as possible to discover its verities and realities.

Namaste, Jan B


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