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Friday, April 3, 2009

This Is Just Me, But I Think Spring is Overrated

Heads up, fellow-travelers, it's been a while since I've let loose with a good rant, so here goes ~ my rant of today concerns that vastly overrated season called Spring :-P

Those who know me well are accustomed to my less-than-enthusiastic responses to the state of the year conversations that always come around at this time: "Oh, it's so nice that spring is coming!" Big effing deal. "Isn't it great that the days are getting longer!!" I like the darkness. "Oh, look, the flowers are blooming!!!" Yeah, so is the juniper ....

Which brings me to the events that prompted this rant. Today was an utterly awful spring day in Albuquerque. It was halfway between warm and cold, so you couldn't dress comfortably. The afternoon was gray and overcast. And, all day long, we had the WIND. The spring wind that prevails in the high desert is legendary - not only does it make you want to crawl out your skin, it also stirs up dust and pollen from far and wide. The allergy section in my favorite pharmacies are decimated at this time of year, so I always have to make sure I stock up ahead. But today, even with double-doses and a homeopathic on top of the OTC, I was still sneezing. And Albuquerque pollen allergies are no ordinary sneezes - it feels like you have multiple acupuncture needles drilling up the inside of your nose. Normal life is impossible until the meds take hold and the stinging subsides to a somewhat ignorable itch.

So is there anything good about spring? I'll grant you the flowers. In fact, I even took some pictures of the apple blossoms in my back yard a few days ago ~

And it's a good thing I took these pictures when I did, because siince then the days have been cloudy, blustery, and cold as the proverbial witch's teat (no offense to proper witches intended). And there's still one more thing to not love about overrated spring - it's the prelude to my least favorite season of all ~ Summer. Stay tuned for future rant in about three months!


Audrey said...

Well - you might enjoy spring a little more at your place if you head to my blog and see the picks of our place I took on tues!!
I'll trade you.

Jan4insight said...

Audrey, I considered your "trade" offer for a moment because the allergies aren't so prevalent in the snow. But I made a solemn vow years ago to never live any place where I have to plug in my car to keep it from freezing, and I think I'll stand by that :-)

Piggy said...

You really had a bad day with the pollens i c :) Personally I like spring and I LOVE a windy weather! I think it would beat a HOT, SWEATY, HUMID day anytime.
In Singapore (where I am), it's hot, sweaty and humid all year round. One some days, you get a shower or 2. But that's about it. Hot & wet. I miss the cold! :(


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