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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Cherry: Energy of the Month for April 2009

Spring has sprung, fellow-travelers, and April has dawned. It's time to rise up from our soul's winter cocoon, and bring the lessons we've learned out into the world. The energy for this month is


This ripe and luscious energy represents the attitude of Getting Involved - in life, in work, in family, community, or perhaps even in that relationship you've been dancing around. We are Complete - for now - and we've got something to offer. So it's time to get out there and put your new understanding out into the world!
On the Star+Gate pattern, the Cherry's nearest neighbors are:
  • Mask ~ the challenge of embracing that which has been hidden within the self, integrating our personal aspects, and developing self-esteem.
  • Block ~ the challenge of dealing with obstacles, knowing that as we turn them into roblems and solve them, they become our foundation for the next phase.
  • Coffin ~ The fulfillment shamanic death, transformation, and rebirth (don't be scared; it's a metaphor not a literal interpretation).
  • Field ~ The fulfillment of seeking, exploring, discovering - and likewise being truly willing to be seen.
  • Rod ~ the attitude of taking command of the self and being in charge of one's life.
  • Arrow ~ the attitude of making up your mind and going for it!
These energies share certain themes that will add a flavor to our experiences as we go through the month ~
    • Illumination, Perception, and Realization: Searching for truth amid our deeply-held values and beliefs, while being willing to sit with the contradictions and paradoxes of life.
    • Perfection, Utilization, Application: While confronting limitations and dealing with authority - both within self and in others - we find ways to access light within the darkest situations.
These themes will peak around the middle of the month - from April 12 through April 16. This will be a time of strong manifesting energy, so remember the wise adage "Be careful what you ask for." Hey, why not ask for what life is really all about - a bowl of cherries :-)

Images courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Station

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Kim Caro said...

yum! i have to say cherries make me smile.

Queen of Tides said...

Thanks for the Cherry link, cool blog. Here is the cherry treasury link that I forgot, lol! http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=49396



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