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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Float like a Butterfly ... or maybe a Duck: CycleCast for now through Summer Solstice

It's May 1st - Beltane or May Day to those who follow the great wheel of the year. As promised, I've prepared a new CycleCast to take us up to the Summer Solstice, which occurs this year on June 20 at 11:46 pm Mountain Time. Let's what the energies have to tell us:
We want to spread our wings and fly, don't we, fellow-travelers? Wouldn't it be nice to flit about like the carefree Butterfly ~

But is that who we really are? The reading states that our central energy in this CycleCast is that of the Duck ~

so we really should be waddling happily along, not taking things too seriously, and going with the flow of life... ahhhh. But just when life seems to be floating by, along comes the Universe and slams down that big Looking Glass in our face, forcing us to take a look at ourselves and See Clearly. What to do? Roll up the sleeves, put on the Gloves and get to the real work of give and take. Oh yes, it is okay - even necessary- to accept assistance with the task ahead

Looking back, have we paid enough attention to the Earth - our resources, stability, and structure? If not, the times of neglect will be catching up with us. If so, then we have a firm foundation to build upon. It's the nourishing soil that grows sweet flowers and attracts the Butterfly. This lets us rise up, as if on a Ladder, all the while Bowing to the great mystery that surrounds us. Sit for a while in prayer or meditation, dear traveler, and when Hope is restored, take up your Sword and go forth once more.

A major theme of this reading is: how do we respond to the universal forces that are acting upon us? We're not so much in the driver's seat during this Cycle, although a well-chosen attitude can get us through in a pinch. Even as we refine how we express our selves, we are are also searching deeply for the truth. When this tension becomes too great, we must learn to simply sit with the contradictions. It's called unifying duality, and it's a major lesson to be learned in this Cycle.

Peak days in this reading fall during during the first weeks of both May and June. These are the times when the lessons will click, and we'll really be able to claim our own power. Then we'll have a couple of weeks to consolidate the energy, as the sun rises up to the zenith of Solstice, before we turn into the waning half of the year. Sounds like a good time to take a summer vacation!

A final note before I sign off ... The next Mercury Retrograde period begins May 6 and ends on May 30, so instead of the an "energy of the month" post for May, I'll prepare a Mercury Retrograde CycleCast. Come back by May 6 and learn how to align with the energies of that somewhat challenging period. Actually, come back sooner and read my interim posts on eclectica, notable quotes, tutorials, and everything else - because there's always more to read and see here at Jan's CycleCast Blog!

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Unknown said...

This is interesting!

RhiannonSTR said...

Happy Beltaine! Going to do the Maypole dance this weekend.



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