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Monday, April 27, 2009

Feeling Like I Gave a Party, and No One Came!

In the previous post, I proudly - if somewhat nervously - described the sale I held during the weekend in my Etsy shop. Well, last night I took it down - with a very heavy heart. No sales. Not many views of the sale items, no hearts, no comments except on the blog post. And these flower scarves have consistently been a popular item in my shop, so you'd think folks would jump at the chance to get them at a discount, right? Wrong? WTF?

Before I try to answer that, let me tell you how I feel, without ranting (I ranted on my Facebook page last night). Have you ever given a party, and no one came???? I actually have, and it's the same awful, soul-wrenching feeling of utter rejection. This is no ordinary day spent at home not waiting for the phone to not ring - I can handle that. I mean, I prepared for you! Whether it's a party or a sale, it takes effort - and I made the effort: sent out the invitations, cleaned up the house or the shop, put my best foot forward when I might rather have spent the day crocheting on the couch in my pajamas. I did all of this, and you ignored me? I can understand the everyday sort of rejection, but when even my best is doesn't appeal, where does that leave me?

Okay, I know I'm not alone. I just read in Mary Pipher's new book, Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the Worst Buddhist in the World, a story of how she started a book club when she was in high school, and no one came. It's the same exact, utter loneliness and bafflement. Her conclusion is what I know in my rational mind: It's just part of life, and there's not necessarily any explanation for it. So we just have to move on to the next thing.

Which leaves me pondering, from a business standpoint, what is the next thing? Is there an underlying message from the Universe here? Well, I'll cut to the chase and tell you what I think: No more weekend sales! In truth, I've only sold a couple of things on any kind of sale. The majority of my 20 (official) sales to date have been at full price. Could it be as simple as, the Universe doesn't want me to devalue my work by discounting my prices? Suits me; I'd rather sell the scarf at $16 instead of $12, thank you very much. I just thought I was doing something nice for my prospective customers, and giving all those who've admired the scarves a chance to get one and keep a few bucks in their pocket at the same time. But, apparently my kind gesture wasn't wanted. I will take my sales sign and go home.

I need to take care of my psyche. This has done something to my head, and taken me to a place where I don't want to be. Of course I'll keep selling - I'm not all that fragile - if for no other reason than that I must make all these crafts that are in my head to be made! And I must earn income, too; the business aspect of it is as vital as the artistic. But I can't afford the black gloomies that hit me when I give a sale (or a party) and no one comes.

So, no more weekend sales from me. At least not for a long, long while. I will continue marking down items for clearance, or for special introductory prices. Since these run continuously for a time, without special promotional efforts, it's a little different. And I will continue making and listing new stuff! That's what I should be doing this past weekend, instead of flogging sales. And I've made progress in that regard, too: Despite it all, I have NEW STUFF to list during this coming week! Wooo hooo! Two new lines - crystals and crocheted necklaces - coming soon to Eclectica By Jan! Come back and check 'em out :-)


Piggy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and sharing yours. Thanks for the feedback about the music too. I will consider it. :P But i really really like the music.. lol :) And I guess I used the blog as my own little space to rant and talk about things.

I read your post and I totally understand how you feel about sales promotion. I used to do the same and I found that the response to my sale promotion was not great. It is either I did not promote enough or people are not entice by sales. What I do now is to offer sales separately / privately to return customers and birthday promotions for regular customers. That's all. Occasionally if I make the mark, I will participate in the weekend deals organise by Etsy but most of the time, I just wanted my item to be selected on the email blast that is sent out :) I was on it twice.. so lucky me :)

Hope the above sharing helps.. talk to you soon

God Bless

RhiannonSTR said...

I promote sales like crazy, and sometimes I feel like it doesn't make a difference at all. Recently, I raised my prices and now it seems I am getting more views - go figure. I have also thrown a party and not one single person showed up. I cried.

Lola said...

Never give up! I don't have any wise words of wisdom or healing or how to have a sale. All I know is, today is a beautiful day (guess where I'm from?) and you must keep moving forward.

Jan4insight said...

Thanks, all, for your comments & support! Yes, it does help to vent a little and receive others' feedback.

Great blogs, all of you!

Piggy - I think that's a great way to handle sales :-)

Rhiannon - I've also seen more views on certain items when I've raised my prices - I guess there are still some folks out there who believe in "you get what you pay for" lol!

Little Card - TY, it's always a beautiful day here in the Land of Enchantment!


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