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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beltane is coming, and I have flowers for you!

May Day is coming, dear readers, and that means wearing flowers! It's also known as Beltane ~ one of the traditional cross-quarter days in the archetypal wheel of the year. Pagans and Wiccans know this day well. In honor of this day, I'm having a fabulous sale on flower scarves at Eclectica By Jan! Here's a sample ~

Aren't they beautiful? And look at the many ways you can wear them! For this weekend only, they're all marked down by 25% - such a deal! These scarves also make great Mother's Day gifts, so if you haven't decided yet what to get Mom for her day, just click here and your problems are solved. You'll need an Etsy account to purchase this way, but it's really easy to set up. If you're having trouble with the purchase, follow this tutorial.

Wearing an accessory like this is a perfect way to celebrate Beltane and all it represents ~ spring, rebirth, new growth, initiation, and creativity at all levels. It also symbolizes commitment, for with the planting of the spring crops we're committing to their care and nurturing all the way through the harvest. Hmmm, I wonder if this is why spring is such a traditional month for weddings? On that note, wouldn't these scarves make terrific bridesmaids gifts? Maybe you'd need a custom order for that - just let me know through the Etsy convo. I love to do custom orders!

The approach of Beltane means a little more work for me, because I promised you another CycleCast by then, to take us from Beltane into the summer solstice. No worries; I love moving through the year's seasons this way. I'll have your promised CycleCast posted by the end of April. For sure! So bookmark this blog and keep coming back, because there's always more to see and read here at Jan's CycleCast Blog.


esque said...

I love wild flowers especially and I cannot wait to go hiking and see them! :) Have a wonderful day!


trudette said...

you have a great Blog , love the crocheted flowers.

Becki said...

gorgeous! Love those flowers!

Olitopia said...

LOVE the colors being used!

Jan4insight said...

Thank you all for visiting and leaving your supportive comments ! Unfortunately, this may be my last Weeekend Sale - unless a buyer comes along in the next 12 hours ~


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