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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Haz a New Avatar

I Haz a New Avatar! And here is the big picture I cropped it from ~

Doesn't it make me look like I have my face in lights on Times Square? In my dreams, ha ha - but it's always nice to have something to dream about. I got this image through surfing around on the Web one day, and coming across a cool site called http://www.photofunia.com/. You can paste your picture into a variety of backgrounds, so it looks like you're on a billboard, in an art gallery, or more. You can even put yourself into a Harry Potter story ~

(Sometimes I do feel like a lost wizard, and if anybody sees me, please let me know :-) My cat LuvLee even got into the act! Here she is in super-sized format ~

There you have it, dear readers ~ another way to have fun, create a new avatar, and spend more (not quite wasted) time on the Interwebs. Speaking of which, my absolute favorite time-blowing site is the cheezburger site. LuvLee often joins me when I'm surfing that site. Before I sign off this post, I should show you that occasionally the tables get turned. This is LuvLee and me, being watched by a couple of genuine LOLCats ~

That's all for now, folks ~ Bye!


skywind said...

Oh Oh, too funny. LOL
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elsie said...

I love this post, my picture in Times Square, how cool would that be!! just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread and I'm your latest follower - come on over and visit me sometime:


Jan4insight said...

Thank you both - welcome to all my followers, new and old :-)

Chrisy said...

When I started reading your post, for a minute there I thought you must have been some famous person!...oh um not that you're not...but you know what I mean! These are fun tools...thanks for sharin the links with us...

Jan4insight said...

Chrisy, thanks for brightening my morning with the LOL :-) Come back again! Your blog is cool, too.

Anonymous said...

haha those are amazing. And for whatever reason, I can't stop staring at that cat's stubby little tail!

CaffeinatedFrenzy said...

haha cute. I think I'll put myself on times square...

Unknown said...

aah, the cheezburger site! so fun.

Thanks for leaving your link in my blog thread!


Jan4insight said...

Everyone - thanks to you, this has become one of the most-commented upon posts in my blog !



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