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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Know Your Fears: The Energy for February 2009 is "The Serpent"

Remember the book that came out in the '90s called something like Face Your Fears and Do It Anyway? You may want to dig out your old copy, because the energy for this month of February 2009 is THE SERPENT:
image by Jan Burch
There's no doubt that spending a month with this energy will be challenging, but that's how we grow, right? The Serpent represents the challenge of confronting what we know by instinct, and facing our fears. This is the month to pay attention to your gut feelings. Listen to them. Dialog with them. Discern their message, and know that fear is simply Forgetting Everything is All Right.
The Serpent also carries deep archetypal meanings: The feminine. The creative. The primal, instinctual nature. Above all, it represents the kundalini energy that rises up the spine through the chakras as enlightenment awakens us. It can literally rock your world. It is the power of the life force itself. Fasten your seat belt, dear readers - we're in for a ride!
In the Star+Gate pattern, the Serpent's nearest neighbors are:
The Maiden ~ the side of us which seeks the best for everyone - gentle yet uncompromised.
The Looking Glass, or Mirror ~ Reflection and self-examination, clarifying motives and inner drives. Know thyself!
The Harp ~ The gift of being able to create harmony. See, there is a bright side to going through this challenge. And when you need a break, listen to some soothing (harp?) music.
The Stone ~ Stay your course, and go with what feels right inside.
The Hole, or The Vase ~ Being open to all the possibilities. Remember, a vase has firm outer boundaries yet is ready to receive.
The Sea ~ At the end of the day, this is our reward: to be rocked in the cradle of the Cosmos, knowing that just as the Sea nurtures all of her creatures, so are we accepted and understood by our universe.
It's all about feelings, my friends. We are looking to satisfy our inmost needs: feeling secure and mastering our emotions in general. The energy moves within so we can get in touch with our self and our boundaries. The prize is a deeper awareness of the Soul.
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