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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finally, a schedule for this year's CycleCasts

I'm scheduling up a storm, dear readers. A few months ago I began writing for an online zine put together by the women of BlogCatalog. This evolved into my Energy of the Month readings, which are now posted to my blog. It soon became obvious that it wasn't possible to keep doing the monthly readings and the CycleCasts at my previous frenetic pace. As a result, I'm now doing longer-term CycleCasts on the quarter and cross-quarter days of the year. Here's how it's going to be, at least through 2009 or until spirit moves me to change again ~

Energy of Month will be posted to this blog the first week of every month.

CycleCasts will be posted 8 times a year:
Spring Equinox; Beltane (May Day or May 1); Summer Solstice; Lammas (August 2); Autumn Equinox; All Hallows (October 31); Winter Solstice; Candelmas (February 2).

If the names of these days sound vaguely familiar (or not), it's because I'm using terms from the archetypal calendar - some call it Pagan or Druid (by the way, you now have a fun fact to know and tell). I like being able to tap into these ancient cyclical energies. Whenever I need to put some structure in my otherwise fluid life, I find these eight time spans are a good way to go. And why not use a concept that's stood the test of time - it's only been around for several thousand years!

This scheduling also means I'll have lots of space in between for posts on my ventures into the world of art and creativity; scenes from my crazy; musings on current events; and all manner of things related to life, the universe, and all that. There's always more coming to Jan's CycleCast Blog, so you know what to do - bookmark, RSS, or Follow - and keep coming back!


The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

Great blog, I just found you today!!

Jan4insight said...

Thank you kindly, Muddy Moose. I've enjoyed finding your blog, too. That Chocolate Facial recipe sounds delicious ... yum!


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