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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a Week It Was (with an explanation for my absence)

Dear readers ~ we all know it's been an amazing week for the nation and the world. And for me. too. As the world was shifting into a level of vibration, I was battling a catastrophe involving a flood at my house! Thanks to a broken water pipe, I get to join those "lucky" homeowners for whom "it never ends" is more than a shared joke over the backyard fence. By way of explanation for my absence from the blog, I'm going to list my chronology blended with the events of the Presidential inauguration, and and the wonderful shifting that has gone on. Oh, yes ~ I made a collage about it (the flood) as well:

Image (c) Jan Burch 2009

Thursday, January 15 ~ On the same day the Miracle Plane would come to a safe landing in New York's Hudson River, a water pipe breaks in my bathroom. At 3 am! Thanks to my foresight in previously installing a user-friendly shut-off valve, I get the house water supply turned off within 15 minutes. No more sleep for Jan!

Within that 15 minutes, the bathroom and hallway are flooded. I begin making phone calls, and watch as the water seeps into all three bedrooms and part of the living room and dining room. Fortunately, my consulting room, kitchen, and family room are unaffected.

By 8 am the broken pipe is fixed and the clean-up crew is here to scoop up the water and dry things out. I'm thinking it will just be a couple of hours and then I can go back to bed. Not true! The crew moves my furniture, peels back and removes the carpets, pads, and baseboards. Then they set up a bunch of huge air-blowers to dry things out. They've already told me these machines need to run continuously for 24-48 hours, so I have booked myself & Luvlee into the EconoLodge. I pack up the cat, my computer, my jammies and toothbrush, and head for the motel. After a take-out dinner, a bit web surfing, and a hot bath, I sink gratefully into bed.

Friday, January 16 ~ I return home to find that everything's dry - yay! Luvlee & I check out of the motel. The clean-up company removes their machinery (blissful quiet), and puts my essential furniture back. I can sleep in my own bed tonight :-)

Saturday and Sunday, January 17-18 ~ On the same days that our elected President and Vice-President were making their train trip to the Nation's Capitol, and hosting an awesome concert (I especially like that Pete Seeger came onstage at the Lincoln Memorial to lead the crowd in singing "This Land is Your Land"), I'm attending a much-anticipated class in Visual Journaling. Though I haven't caught up on my rest at this point, I'm happy to be away from the house and all its reminders of recent catastrophe. Making collage pages in the class also gives me a way to process what has happened - notice the water images!

Monday January 19 ~ As Americans everywhere are stepping up to our new President's call for a National Day of Service, I meet with clean-up and insurance representatives to talk about what needs to be done. It's looks like I'll be getting my entire carpet replaced. Sigh. I know it need to be done, but I didn't really need a new carpet and I'm overwhelmed when I think of all the disruption that entails. Still, better to to it under insurance than not.

Tuesday January 20 ~ Inauguration Day. I'm sitting on my couch, glued to CNN's online broadcast and making use of the accompanying Facebook comment stream. My house is functional except for a pile of  dirty dishes and a bathroom that needs cleaning - and I have a client due to arrive in the afternoon! I watch all the way through the Inaugural ceremony, then grab a quick lunch. I start to tackle the dishes, but the obsession pulls me, so I plug in my computer by the kitchen sink and keep on watching the news. I get the update on Senator Kennedy's condition (so relieved to know he's okay) and watch the start of the Inaugural parade. By some unknown magic, I get myself pulled together and my house presentable when my client arrives. Together we watch the parade as our new President and First Lady walk to the viewing stand, sharing our thoughts of elation, joy, and amazement. And then it's back to work.

And so it went, and so it goes. I'm gratefully caught up on my rest, and back to work. The change of carpet, plus the large insurance deductible I must pay, weigh on me like burdens. What can I do but keep putting one foot in front of the other, and trust that it will all work out. Even my own Mercury Retrograde reading (two posts below this) said, "go with the flow, and don't be surprised when plans change." Sometimes I amaze myself with my forecast - although in this case I'd rather not be!

I do give sincere thanks to these great companies who are helpful get back my life to normal: Royal Plumbing, ServiceMaster, State Farm Insurance, and All of State Carpets. And a big *thank you* to Marc S. for taking my early-morning phone call.

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