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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Very Serious Year: CycleCast for the Year of 2009

Omigosh, fellow-travelers, we have a serious year ahead of us! We're starting right in the middle of our new Cycle - it's a good thing we know how to hit the ground running, putting our talents and abilities to work. As we wrapped up last year's lessons of give and take, we laid claim to our own natural authority and leadership. And so we're not so easily fooled now, as we start out on this year's journey. Let's see what the cards have to say:

Behind us: As we took up the Sword and got a Handle on it, we learned that our agreements are not a Chain to tie us down but rather links that hold fast the precious Pearl. After all the contests were over, we waddled out of the old year quaking happily like a Duck in water. Or maybe we remembered that truth: If it walks like, talks like, and quacks like a duck ... it is a duck!

Where we are now: Welcome to that narrow place where all of our inner connections come together. No matter how dark it seems, remember that every Tunnel has a light at the end of it. Treat your connections with the kid Glove of give-and-take, for the hand that reaches out must surely be met. At the end of the day, rest beneath the sheltering Tree that has stood the test of time.

Ahead of us: The star of the day is Austerity - oh noes! Fear not, traveler; it just means to take a cold, clear look. What's really going on? We'll get better at putting things into place as the year goes on, because there's a little of the Magician in all of us. When your skis hit the Powder, you'll either glide free or take a tumble - it can leave you feeling worn down, but soon you'll be back in the lodge, having your Cake and eating it too. The Lamp of understanding and wisdom guides you safely home.

What helps: Let Hope be your guiding star; hang it high! Don't let the Lamp's glow blind you; keep it shuttered until it's needed. When all else fails, step back and breathe. The view outside your Window shows the path ahead.

Yes, fellow-travelers, there's no denying this year will bring us challenges. We have a good foundation from the past journeys, and if we keep an eye on our attitudes, we'll choose for quality and substance, rather than flash and flimsy, in life. Our fulfillment comes through our own resolution, or least our efforts to resolve, the pattern we're each presented. This is a year to become aware of that spirit of service that burns within each of us. Access your own healing qualities, and face your deepest fear.

And just what is that fear? In the words of Nelson Mandela:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful quote. Actually Marianne Williamson said it and Nelson Mandela spread her word:-)

Jan4insight said...

Anon ~ thank you for the correction. Actually, the controversy is even deeper - and that, plus the full quotation, is the subject of my next post!

Happy day:-)


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