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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year, and a Look Back at the Old

This New Year's Day is almost over, fellow-travelers. How was it for you? I spent a quiet day, with several enjoyable hours of spreading paint on cardstock and playing with collage elements. Now as the minutes tick off into the evening, this day and this holiday season are coming to an end. Before that happens, I'd like to review the past year of CycleCasts.

I'm treading on delicate ground here, because there's admittedly a bit of ego attached to the implied question: Okay, Jan, how well did you predict the energies of the past year? It's a holdover from that old question of how "accurate" are your psychic readings. (Never mind that "accuracy" is not the most significant criteria of the work, but that's another subject.) Still, it's useful to review one's work, and instructive to see how the energies have played out in manifested reality. And besides, I don't really "predict" anything - I let the cards fall where they may, and I simply do my best to translate them for you.

That being said, it seems the CycleCast readings did an amazing job of tracking the conscious shifts that culminated in the historic U.S. election of 2008. Sorry to get "political" here, but this election was more than a routine matter of voters heading to the polls amid a barrage of sound bites. There was a real sea-change going on, not only in the U.S. but across the world. The card energies tracking all of this ranged from "passing the Crown" to multiple and recurring images of Hope and Change. I think the readings were generally accurate (if I do say so myself), and it was exciting to have had an ongoing intuitive's-eye view of the energy-pulses that generated this historic event.

But what has happened to the world since November 4? We floated along on loads of political humor - and plenty of stuff that happened on the world's stage, both before and after the election, was downright funny. It looked like we were going to have an easy ride through the end of the the year. But from around Christmas and right up to now, it seems the world's gone mad with conflict and conflagration. I've looked back at my readings, and I still can't find the elements that would have predicted this. So where is the fire coming from?

The best answer I can give comes from this metaphysical truth (or just plain daily observation): the old pattern hangs on. Even when all of the energies are flowing into change, growth, and evolution, there is a core of old energy, ideas, behaviors, or just plain inertia, which fights the change because it perceives that to evolve is to die. This is true at the personal as well as the world level. After all, how many times have we made an enthusiastic start on our New Year's Resolutions, only to fade back into old ways before we know it.

And so good ol' 2008 went out in the familiar dance of two steps forward, one step back. But you know what - at least we're moving in the right direction! Keep in this mind when you feel frustrated at the slow pace of "progress," whether your own, or the world's. And enjoy the ride, fellow-travelers, because all we really have is the journey. Blessings on yours!

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