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Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Year of Jan's CycleCast Blog

It's official ~ this blog is one year old today!

image by Jan Burch
Yes, dear readers and fellow-travelers, today marks one year since my very first post on Jan's CycleCast Blog. Here it is, quoted in its entirety:

Hello world here is my first post and I hope to have many more soon!
And many more we have! Since that humble beginning, I have continued to post regularly, with today's musing being the 95th post since I began. That averages to 7.9 posts per month or 1.8 per week. It's been a steady journey of ideas, musings, CycleCastings, readings, and rantings.
I started with the most basic blog template, using a public-access computer at my city's public library - no kidding! For three months I made my way to the library several times a week, to blog and write and network ... it truly was like going to work!
Now, I have my own computer and wireless Internet at my home. My blog has been jazzed up with pictures and widgets and what-not (all hopefully useful or at least amusing to you, my dear readers). I've got a Google page rank of 3/10 (not too shabby in the world of small blogs), and I have total of four main sites... In a word, I've become a nerd/geek/addict of the Internet!
The best of the best, however, is the people I've been able to meet. From all corners of the globe, all ages, all walks of life, bloggers everywhere find ways to connect. This would not be possible had I not taken the plunge on that winter day one year ago. So, as I sign off and go treat myself to some blog-iversary cookies, I wish to welcome all bloggers and blog-readers, old and new, who find their way to my pages. Happy surfing!


Anonymous said...

Happy Bloggiversary!

Jan said...

Congrats on your ONE YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY, Jan! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of posts for one year. Congratulations!

Spiritual Blogger said...

Happy Blogiversary, Jan! It's so nice to meet someone like yourself who thoroughly loves blogging. Your enthusiasm just radiates :-)


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