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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We've Found the Key: CycleCast for December 19, 2008 through January 2, 2009

It's fitting that this year's final CycleCast shows us heading into the home stretch of our annual journey with a sense of resolution and completion. The challenges and lessons of the Old year will be tied up by the first days of the New. All we have to do is season our holiday times with a large dollop of gratitude, and we'll be ripe and ready to get involved with new opportunities. Sounds good, doesn't it, fellow-traveler? Let's take a look at the cards:

The Key to your heart is a heart-felt discovery: What was that realization you had lately, the one that put it all into perspective? Maybe you should write it down, fellow-traveler: keeping a dream or gratitude journal is a fine New Year's resolution. You'll want to have a map - and a record - of your journey when you reach the next Gate on your path. Open it and go through - you'll have to discover what lies ahead; then you can decide to go forward or not. Can you see those Cherry trees alongside the path, traveler? Their fruit is sweet and ripe and ready to be plucked. That's you, my friend: it's time to come out of your shell and get involved. Hermit days are over! But before you can complete this stage of the journey, you'll need to hand over a Token or two. That's no loss - only a gain - once you realize that gratitude is all you really need.

Sorry about the last line, oh ghost of John Lennon! But it's true that gratitude is the answer to this riddle, this time. It reminds me of a saying from the 13th-century mystic known as Meister Eckhardt:

If gratitude were the only prayer we ever said, it still would be enough.

And so, fellow-travelers, may this CycleCast take you through a beautiful holiday season and into a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. I will of course be updating this blog with notes and thoughts and quotes in the days ahead. And I'll start the New Year off with a Big Fat CycleCast for the year 2009! See coming come back because there's always more to see and read on Jan' CycleCast Blog.

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